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Name: Sai_13
Birthday: Dec 3 1987
Location: Hell
Gender: Female
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Greetings, I don't really have a name for my path of beliefs. I'm simply spiritual... I know life doesn't just end. I firmly believe in reincarnation and I believe that some of us may have a soul within the wrong body or even sharing said body with other souls. I know we all have abilities of our own, it's like a talent. Not everyone has the same ability and some don't discover it until later or at all depending on whether or not they want to actually know about it and persue it. Belief is a strong element in our universe, and perhaps Chaos wanted to challenge our beliefs.
When I was a teenager, me and a friend made a terrible mistake while spell casting. We didn't take it seriously, and so we were punished for it. It costed us our friendship and bad luck followed us. So anyone out there who is unaware of these consequences from making the same mistake I did, I advise that you spellcast safely and with meaning. Spells are not toys or games. It is our communication with the deities and manipulation of energy. An opportunity from the spiritual and divine in which we must respect no matter if it is for good, bad, or neutral.
If you want to know more, feel free to contact me. For some odd reason I felt the urge to return to this site a few different times. So if anyone feels any of the following details stand out or even if someone has answers I am having a hard time finding, please feel free to message me. I felt the need to come back here after;
-Having a strange dream about the spiritual realm, the only dream I can still remember all details about to this day.
-Strange occurrences have been happening caused by an unseen being (despite my ability to see souls and spiritual energy). Whatever it is has been tagging along and I can provide details of it's actions as needed.
-I am having a significant amount of both strange and bad luck. I can't seem to ward it off permanently, only temporarily. So anyone who is willing to share their advice with me, I would be most grateful for your kindness and help.
I can't say whether or not I have much time to resolve this, because I'm honestly not sure. But so far, whatever it is has taken beloved family from me that I can't stop having dreams about, and my life energy is possibly being impacted. *Knocks on wood*. So please, don't hesitate to message me if you have any advice or insight on this. I'm not new to magick, so I can understand quite a bit regarding spiritual belief, psychic awareness and worshipping the gods and goddesses. Those are just a few brief examples, but I'm confident it's enough to give you an idea.
Thank you for reading this. Be safe, and I hope to hear back soon.
~Heather aka Sai
P.S. To give a general idea on what to expect with my personality, I am an Ophiuchus/Sagittarius and year of the Feline. Thank you lots, I hope to make new friends here, my past friends don't seem to come to this site anymore. :( So yeah, it's always an honor to meet new faces here.