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Name: JenDeathCore
Birthday: May 3 1998
Location: In my own secret place.
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Hi, I'm Jennifer, I dont really know anything about Spells,Wicca,Witches,Rituals etc. That's why i signed up for this site to learn more about it to discover basically everything about it. I'm very interested in Wicca,Spells Etc. If anyone would like to help me to get to know more about it feel free to message me x3. I would really appreciate that very much. So any help is welcome. I don't really know what to tell about mysellf since i am not really interesting or special like the most people here. I guess i'm just an average girl no supernatural powers,No x-ray vision or anything similiar i wish i had it but unfortanly i don't V.V x3. I love music i mostly when i'm sad or stressed listen to piano i love the sound it makes. But the most i listen to is Rock,Crunkcore,Hardcore Alot of genres as long as it sounds good to me. I love to read books they are normally about Supernatural,Mystery Books like that. I love Red roses i think it's beautifull i like to lit candles a lot of them in my room since i have bloodred walls it comes out perfectly to me. I love the color Blood-red and Black. I'm smart not in school, Well my grades are fine but i'm not the best either but i'm smart when it comes to life. I'm very mature even thou i'm only 12 years old. Probably people will just leave this page after they read i'm 12 years old Because, Apparently there are no mature 12 year olds. I hate how people judge it's one thing i hate about humans. They judge based on the looks i can't stand that. When im walking in the hallway in school to get to my classes, I get called an "dirty emo" "Gothic" Whatever they come up with. Wasen't emo suposed to be a music genre i'm pretty sure it is?. Well, I don't really care there are more important thing to care about then a bunch of immature judgemental kids. I have had and still do have a not so great life i've expreienced,seen a lot of things a 12 year old should not see or experience. I'm positive that this is what made me grow up so fast, I faced reality, Real life at an early age and already knew the pain and sadness at the age of 8. I'm considered a Weirdo or a loner because i don't jump on tables in class and scream like a tiran, I dont bully people, I dont judge people etc. This is what makes me wonder, What will the world be like 10 years from now? It's 2010 And the world is already becoming unbearable, Kids commit suicide because immature kids bully them their whole school life they get so depressed they commit suicide bullying should be illegal Bullying is like killing someone it destroys them inside. My thoughs of this world is just that it's fucked up. We pay taxes but all out money goes to the state,government etc. We basically pay bills for nothing just so the state can put it in their own pocket. I also don't really like christians,catholics Because they insult me for a "spawn of the devil" because i wear dark clothes. I never liked them because i like people who lead their life based on their own decisions and not on a "god" I speak for mysellf, I think for mysellf, i make decisions for mysellf and not for a "god" or whatever you call it. Its not like i hate christians i just can't stand the ones who give a whole lecture about how we should eblieve that someone created a whole universum in 7 days Does that sound logic at all? *raises eyebrow* Excuse me if you can't read my spelling at all i'm from Belgium and learned english by mysellf so =P sorry very much. Anyways going on.. I'm not afraid of death i see it as peace you're rest. When you're death there's nothing just darkness you have no thoughts no pain nothing. The day ill be lying on my death Bed is the day i'm gonna be happy and i'm gonna smile. This is getting way to long x3 Anyways thats about it if you can help me with Wicca,rituals,spells, etc i would appreciate it very much thank you for taking the time for reading this. -Jennifer- xxx