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Name: Elegance
Birthday: Apr 24 1986
Location: North Carolina
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I'm 25 and a mother of 3. Wouldn't describe myself as knowledgeable in any form of magic or paganism...I have been interested since I was about 13...when I dedicated myself to the goddess. I have even participated in some events with some rather large local groups but never learned a lot. I'm very open minded. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and getting to know some like minded people.

My element by birth is Earth (though I am more drawn to water) I have been in water as long as I can remember. I am a Taurus. My 2 sons are aquarius and i couldn't stay out of the tub or swimming pool while I was pregnant with them both. Chinese Zodiac is the Tiger.

I'm nice and all around a good person I like to think. I have a dark side like everyone else does. I like to write. I have lots of tattoos and I hope to one day be doing them. I like make up a lot. I love my family. I wouldn't call myself psycic really...but I can see some things...well...really I can feel them and hear them. I have studied the Egyptian Patheon. I know a little about the Norse Goddesses. I like Greek Mythology. But Since I was 13 I was most in touch with Diana...so much so that my cycle was exactly allined with the full moons...until I became pregnant. I asked Isis for a son and she gave me one...I asked for another and I she gave me another. After my pregnancies it's almost as if I have changed spiritually. I suppose that would make sense...since 2 spirits passed through me to this world...That could change a person...If you know anything about it please message me...When I was young..around 13 I was aligned with Diana. As I got older..I was aligned with Isis. After the pregnancies I'm back to Diana. So I don't know what may have caused that. I was told by a psycic (whilre I was pregnant) that my oldest son was going to be drawn to Bast...and that make sense...because he loves kitties! As for my youngest son...I don't know yet...he's only 9 months old.