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Welcome to Legion!

We have something for everyone here, both light and dark. So come join us!

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Active members that participate in the coven only, please. This is a place to help others learn. Not to join and then never contribute. Thanks :)

The Legion is a coven for those that seek balance, both in magic and within themselves.Here, we have members that walk both sides of the spectrum, the dark and light. We believe in finding a balance in our daily and magical lives. In doing this, we can reach a point of stability.

Within Legion, we believe that magic is a neutral force that works in accordance with our will and desire, as well as the natural order. The energy we put forth determines whether that outcome be dark or light, for both aspects dwell within and around us.

We are a coven that focuses on balance of these seemingly opposing forces. We feel that by achieving or striving for balance, you become a more whole person and practitioner. Blinded by no one side, we are powerful.

Magic can be practical, such as a spell for a job, or transcendent, such as a rite to connect to your higher self. In all cases, you are responsible for what you say and do and what results come of it. Because of our great focus on balance, you will also find a great focus on personal responsibility for your magical workings. No, this is not karma, but rather it is simply the results of what you have done/not done as happens with all things we do in life.

We welcome all to join, however we will not tolerate any discrimination or bias. We also require all members to be 13+ and by applying you have agreed to this. Please also have a little something about you on your bio.


If you would like to join our coven, please send the coven leaders the following:

  • Age:
  • Experience:
  • Path: (if you have one, if you don't that's ok too)
  • Why you would like to join Legion:
  • What you would like to learn, or share:
  • How many marshmallows can you fit into your mouth?

Natural Magick is our sister coven.


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