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"The Goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent, to create men who are capable of doing new things." - Jean Piaget
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Please be on standby as this will be undergoing major changes. Any current applications will be sorted through within the next three days and until then applications will be closed off. ( though you can still send in application responses )

Welcome to the Air Element Coven:

So you are a member who wants to join our coven huh? Well don't you first want to know what this coven offers?
Oh you do? Wonderful, then please read the next section.

What We offer to our members:

Okay, so listen up you little ones ( or big ones ), here's what we have to offer and How we do it here in AE.

Currently We have Groups set up in our coven, Five of them Each led by a experienced member of our coven.
Each group teaches a different aspect of magic, and each leader of these groups has different requirements from their students. For the most part they are the council members who lead and teach.

Northern Winds: Kitchen Witchery, Astrology, and working with Deities. Lead By, Cavern
Eastern Winds: Finding your own path in magic, Tuning into Nature, Shielding, Concentration and Meditation, Chakra Work, Music and Emotions in Magic. Lead by, Enigmawolf
Western Winds: Main Courses of discussion are Dream magic work, Aural work ( which is but yet isn't a part of the next topic ) Energy Manipulation. ( this is our most popular one and therefore most active, but we plan on having the others active in the same ways. Lead By, Stormingwolf
Southern Winds: This groups courses will include Sigil Work, The Basic's ( though that will be taught in all )Spirit Work, and Meditation. Lead by, Patricusl
Wind Riders: Herb work, Crystal work, Chaos Magic, Sea Magic, Tarot / Runes, Natal Charts ( part of astrology ) Cursing / Hexing and I believe our Priestess offers private lessons for those who wish for one on one teaching. Lead by Ulastrong

That's good and all, but what are the topics? What do you teach??:

Good Question. The short answer is we are going to eventually offer everything, as Like Air, we are boundless and free.
At this exact moment though the council and I are working on making courses easy and available for everyone. After we are all done, we will add a list of our topics here.

I heard you guys have a Discord server, Do I have to be a part of it?:

It would be WONDERFUL, if you could join our server and participate there, but its NOT required.

But we MUST ask that you be Active , We do not want inactivity as it sucks.
IF you cannot be active ( for current members and Applying members ) then Tell us how active you can be on a day to day basis.

We can and do allow for members to have leeway in terms of busy schedules, but you must put in extra hard work AND get to know the other members in your free time.

This sounds pretty good so far, so how do I apply?:

First up, YOU MUST HIT THE APPLY BUTTON at the top of this page, AND send in a application, which will be listed below. You will answer the questions and send them to Enigmawolf AND Ulastrong Then your app will be posted in the covens and discussed about for a smallish time. If you are adamant about joining then you shouldn't care about the waiting of two to three days. If you hit apply and DO NOT send in a application, you will be rejected until you complete both requirements.

Application Questions:

  • What is Magic to you?
  • How active can you be on a day to day basis?
  • Can you access Discord? ( If you do not know what discord is, you can ask Enigma or any of the council (those who have been active recently that is )about it )
  • Do you have a Path or Practice yet? If you do what is it? How long have you done it for? ( Its Okay if you don't have one yet )
  • Why do you wish to join?
  • What Group interests you the most?
  • Do you have any other accounts?
  • And Lastly, to make sure you really are reading this, and actually want to apply, Tell us your favorite color or book.

We'd love it if you have a Profile Picture and a Bio here on SoM, but it is not Required.

Thanks for looking into the AirElement Coven, we hope you join us soon. Have a Wonderful day and May the Sun be with you!



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