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6 Wealth Spells from Practical Witches

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6 Wealth Spells from Practical Witches

Included in this list of 6 Wealth Spells
  1. Brief Herbal Lesson
  2. Candle Divination
  3. Information-Candle Omens
  4. Money and/or Job Spell
  5. Stone Attraction Spell
  6. Candle Blessing
#1 - #6

#1 - Brief Herbal Lesson

These are the basic usages of herbs as magical components.
You may need:

You may need:

Herbs & their Magickal Properties

Acacia : Protection, Psychic Powers, Money and Love Spells
Adam & Eve Roots : Love, Happiness
Adders Tongue : Healing
African Violet : Spirituality, Protection
Agaric : Fertility
Agrimony : Protection, Sleep
Ague Root : Protection
Alfalfa : Prosperity, Anti-Hunger, Money
Alkanet : Purification, Prosperity
Allspice : Money, Luck, Healing
Almond : Money, Prosperity, Wisdom
Aloe : Protection, Luck
Aloes, Wood : Love, Spirituality
Althea : Protection, Psychic Powers
Alyssum : Protection, Moderating Anger
Amaranth : Healing Heartbreak, Protection, Invisibility,
Anemone : Health, Protection, Healing
Angelica : Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions
Anise : Protection, Purification, Youth
Apple : Love, Healing, Garden Magic, Immortality
Apricot : Love
Arabic Gum : Spirituality, Purify Negativity and Evil
Arbutus : Exorcism, Protection
Asafoetida : Exorcism, Purification, Protection
Ash : Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health
Aspen : Eloquence, Anti-Theft
Aster : Love
Avens : Exorcism, Purification, Love
Avocado : Love, Lust, Beauty

Bachelor's Buttons : Love
Balm, Lemon : Love, Success, Healing
Balm of Gilead : Love, Manifestations, Protection, Healing
Bamboo : Protection, Luck, Hex-Breaking, Wishes
Banana : Fertility, Potency, Prosperity
Banyan : Luck. Happiness
Barley : Love, Healing, Protection
Basil : Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection
Bay : Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength
Bean : Protection, Exorcism, Wart Charming,
Reconciliation, Potency, Love
Bedstraw, Fragrant : Love
Beech : Wishes
Beet : love
Belladonna : Astral Projection, Visions **TOXIC**
Benzoin : Purification, Prosperity
Bergamot, Orange : Money, Success
Be-Still : Luck
Betony, Wood : Protection, Purification, Love
Birch : Protection, Exorcism, Purification and Cleansing
Bistort : Psychic Powers, Fertility
Bittersweet : Protection, Healing
Blackberry : Healing, Money, Protection
Bladderwrack : Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells,
Money, Psychic Powers
Bleeding Heart : Love
Bloodroot : Love, Protection, Purification
Bluebell : Luck, Truth
Blueberry : Protection
Blue Flag : Money
Bodhi : Fertility, Protection, Wisdom, Meditation
Boneset : Protection, Exorcism
Borage : Courage, Psychic Powers
Bracken : Healing, Rune Magic, Prophetic Dreams
Brazil Nut : Love
Briony : Image Magic, Money, Protection
Bromeliad : Protection, Money
Broom : Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination
Buchu : Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams
Buckthorn : Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal Matters
Buckwheat : Money, Protection
Burdock : Protection, Healing


Cabbage : Luck
Cactus : Protection, Chastity
Calamus : Luck, Healing, Money, Protection
Camellia -Riches
Camphor : Chastity, Health, Divination
Caper : Potency, Lust, Luck
Carawy : Protection, Lust, Health, Anti-Theft, Mental Powers
Cardamon : Lust, Love
Carnation : Protection, Strength, Healing
Carob : Protection, Health
Carrot : Fertility, Lust
Cascara Sagrada : Legal Matters, Money, Protection,
Cashew : Money
Castor : Protection
Catnip : Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness
Cat Tail : Lust
Cedar : Healing, Purification, Money, Protection
Celandine : Protection, Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters
Celery : Mental Powers, Lust, Psychic Powers
Centaury : Snake Removing
Chamomile : Money, Sleep, Love, Purification
Cherry : Love, Divination
Chestnut : Love
Chickweed : Fertility, Love
Chicory : Removing Obstacles, Invisibility, favors, Frigidity
Chili pepper : Fidelity, Hex Breaking, Love
China Berry : Luck, Change
Chrysanthemum : Protection
Cinchona : Luck, Protection
Cinnamon : Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power,
Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, Love
Cinquefoil : Money, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep
Citron : Psychic Powers, Healing
Cloth of Gold : Understand Animal Languages
Clove : Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money
Clover : Protection, Money, Love, Fidelity, Exorcism, Success, Luck
Club Moss : Protection, Power
Coconut : Purification, Protection, Chastity
Cohosh, Black : Love, Courage, Protection, Potency
Coltsfoot : Love, Visions
Columbine : Courage, Love
Comfrey : Safety During Travel, Money
Copal : Love, Purification
Coriander : Love, Health, Healing
Corn : Protection, Luck, Divination
Cornflower : psychism
Cotton : Luck, Healing, Protection, Rain, Fishing Magic
Cowslip : Healing, Youth, Treasure Finding
Crocus : Love, Visions
Cubeb : Love
Cuckoo-flower : Fertility, Lover
Cucumber : Chastity, Healing, Fertility
Cumin : Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism
Curry : Protection
Cyclamen : Fertility, Protection, Happiness, Lust
Cypress : Longevity, Healing, Comfort, Protection

Daffodil : Love, Fertility, Luck
Daisy : Lust, Luck
Damiana : Lust, Love, Visions
Dandelion : Divination, Wishes, Calling Spirits
Datura : Hex Breaking, Sleep, Protection
Deerstongue : Lust, Psychic Powers
Devils Bit : Exorcism, Love, Protection, Lust
Devils Shoestring : Protection, Gambling, Luck, Power, Employment
Dill : Protection, Money, Lust, Luck
Dittany of Crete : Manifestations, Astral Projection
Dock : Healing, Fertility, Money
Dodder : Love, Divination, Knot Magic
Dogbane : Love
Dogwood : Wishes, Protection
Dragons Blood : Love, Protection, Exorcism, Potency
Dulse : Lust, Harmony
Dutchmans Breeches : Love

Ebony : Protection, Power
Echinacea : Strengthening Spells
Edelweiss : Invisibility, Bullet-Proofing
Elder : Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Sleep
Elecampane : Love, Protection, Psychic Powers
Elm : Love
Endive : Lust, Love
Eryngo : Travelers Luck, Peace, Lust, Love
Eucalyptus : Healing, Protection
Euphorbia : Purification, Protection
Eyebright : Mental Powers, Psychic Power

Fennel : Protection, Healing, Purification
Fenugreek : Money
Fern : Rain Making, Protection, Luck, Riches,
Eternal Youth, Health, Exorcism
Feverfew : Protection
Fig : Divination, Fertility, Love
Figwort : Health, Protection
Flax : Money, Protection, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Healing
Fleabane : Exorcism, Protection, Chastity
Foxglove : Protection
Frankincense : Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality
Fumitory : Money, Exorcism
Fuzzy Weed : Love, Hunting

Galangal : Protection, Lust, Health, Money,
Psychic Powers, Hex-Breaking
Gardenia : Love, Peace, Healing, Spirituality
Garlic : Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, Anti-Theft
Gentian : Love, Power
Geranium : Fertility, Health, Love, Protection
Ginger : Love, Money, Success, Power
Ginseng : Love, Wishes, Healing, Beauty, Protection, Lust
Goats Rue : Healing, Health
Goldenrod : Money, Divination
Golden Seal : Healing, Money
Gorse : Protection, Money
Gotu Kola : Meditation
Gourd : Protection
Grain : Protection
Grains of Paradise : Lust, Luck, Love, Money, Wishes
Grape : Fertility, Garden Magic, Mental Powers, Money
Grass : Psychic Powers, Protection
Ground Ivy : Divination
Groundsel : Health, Healing

Hawthorn : Fertility, Chastity, Fishing Magic, Happiness
Hazel : Luck, Fertility, Anti-Lightning, Protection, Wishes
Heather : Protection, Rain Making, Luck
Heliotrope : Exorcism, Prophetic Dreams, Healing,
Wealth, Invisibility
Hellebore, Black : Protection ****TOXIC***
Hemlock : Destroy Sexual Drive ***TOXIC***
Hemp : Healing, Love, Vision, Meditation
Henbane : Love Attraction ***TOXIC***
Henna : Healing
Hibiscus : Lust, Love, Divination
Hickory : Legal Matters
High John the Conqueror : Money, Love, Success, Happiness
Holly : Protection, Anti-Lightning, Luck, Dream Magic, Balance
Honesty : Money, Repelling Monsters
Honeysuckle : Money, Psychic Powers, Protection
Hops : Healing, Sleep
Horehound : Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing
Horse Chestnut : Money, Healing
Horseradish : Purification, Exorcism
Horsetail : Snake Charming, Fertility
Houndstongue : Tying Dog's Tongues
Houseleek : Luck, Protection, Love
Huckleberry : Luck, Protection, Dream Magic, Hex Breaking
Hyacinth : Love, Protection, Happiness
Hydrangea : Hex Breaking
Hyssop : Purification, Protection

Indian Paint Brush : Love
Iris : Purification, Wisdom
Irish Moss : Money, Luck, Protection
Ivy : Protection, Healing

Jasmine : Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams
Jobs Tears : Healing, Wishes, Luck
Joe-Pye Weed : Love, Respect
Juniper : Protection, Anti-Theft, Love, Exorcism, Health

Kava-Kave : Visions, Protection, Luck
Knotweed : Binding, Health

Ladys mantle : Love
Ladys slipper : Protection
Larch : Protection, Anti-Theft
Larkspur : Health, Protection
Lavender : Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity,
Longevity, Purification, Happiness, Peace
Leek : Love, Protection, Exorcism
Lemon : Longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship
Lemongrass : Repel snakes, Lust, Psychic Powers
Lemon Verbena : Purification, Love
Lettuce : Chastity, Protection, Love, Divination, Sleep
Licorice : Love, Lust, Fidelity
Life Everlasting : Longevity, Health, Healing
Lilac : Exorcism, Protection, Beauty
Lily : Protection, Breaking Love spells
Lily of the Valley : Mental Powers, Happiness
Lime : Healing, Love, Protection
Linden : Protection, Immortality, Luck, Love, Sleep
Liquidamber : Protection
Liverwort : Protection
Liverwort : Love
Looestrife : Peace, Protection
Lotus : Protection, Lock-Opening
Lovage : Love
Love Seed : Love, Friendship
Lucky Hand : Employment, Luck, Protection, Money, Travel

Mace : Psychic Powers, Mental Powers
Maguey : Lust
Magnolia : Fidelity
Mahogany, Mountain : Anti-Lightning
Maidenhair : Beauty, Love
Male Fern : Luck, Love
Mallow : Love, Protection, Exorcism
Mandrake : Protection, Love, Money, Fertility, Health
Maple : Love, Longevity, Money
Marigold : Protection, Prophetic Dreams,
Business and Legal Matters, Psychic Powers
Marjoram : Protection, Love, Happiness, Health, Money, Healing
Master Wort : Strength, Courage, Protection
Mastic : Psychic Powers, Manifestations, Lust
May Apple : Money
Meadow Rue : Divination
Meadowsweet : Love, Divination, Peace, Happiness
Mesquite : Healing
Mimosa : Protection, Love, Prophetic Dreams, Purification
Mint : Money, Love, Luck, Healing, Exorcism, Travel, Protection
Mistletoe : Protection, Love, Hunting, Fertility, Health, Exorcism
Molukka : Protection
Moonwort : Money, Love
Moss : Luck, Money
Mugwort : Strength, Psychic Powers, Protection,
Prophetic Dreams, Healing, Astral Projection
Mulberry : Protection, Strength
Mullein : Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, Exorcism
Mustard : Fertility, Protection, Mental Powers
Myrrh : Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality
Myrtle : Love, Fertility, Youth, Peace, Money

Nettle : Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Lust
Norfolk Island Pine : Protection, anti hunger
Nuts : Fertility, Prosperity, Love, Luck

Oak : Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Potency, Fertility, Luck
Oats : Money
Olive : Healing, Peace, Fertility, Potency, Protection, Lust
Onion : Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Money,
Prophetic Dreams, Lust
Orange : Love, Divination, Luck, Money
Orchid : Love
Oregon Grape : Money, Prosperity
Orris Root : Love, Protection, Divination

Palm, Date : Fertility, Potency
Pansy : Love, Rain Magic, Love, Divination
Papaya : Love, Protection
Papyrus : Protection
Parosela : Hunting
Parsley : Love, Protection, Purification
Passion Flower : Peace, Sleep, Friendship
Patchouly : Money, Fertility, Lust
Pea : Money, Love
Peach : Love, Exorcism, Longevity, Fertility, Wishes
Pear : Lust, Love
Pecan : Money, Employment
Pennyroyal : Strength, Protection, Peace
Peony : Protection, Exorcism
Pepper : Protection, Exorcism
Peppermint : Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers
Pepper Tree : Purification, Healing, Protection
Periwinkle : Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Money, Protection
Persimmon : Changing Sex, Healing, Luck
Plot Weed : Protection
Pimento : Love
Pimpernel : Protection, Health
Pine : Healing, Fertility, Protection, Exorcism, Money
Pineapple : Luck, Money, Chastity
Pipsissewa : Money, Spirit Calling
Pistachio : Breaking Love Spells
Plantain : Healing, Protection, Strength, Snake Repelling
Plum : Healing
Plumeria : Love
Poke : Courage, Hex Breaking
Pomegranate : Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth, Fertility
Poplar : Money, Flying
Poppy : Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, Invisibility
Potato : Image Magic, Healing
Prickly Ash : Love
Primrose : Protection, Love
Purslane : Sleep, Love, Luck, Protection, Happiness

Quassia : Love
Quince : Protection, Love, Happiness

Radish : Protection, Lust
Ragweed : Courage
Ragwort : Protection
Raspberry : Protection, Love
Rattlesnake Root : Protection, Money
Rhubarb : Protection, Fidelity
Rice : Protection, Rain, Fertility, Money
Roots : Protection, Power, Divination
Rose : Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Divination, Luck, Protection
Rosemary : Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers,
Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth
Rowan : Psychic Powers, Healing, Protection, Power, Success
Rue : Healing, Health, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Love
Rye : Love, Fidelity

Saffron : Love, Healing, Happiness, Wind Raising,
Lust, Strength, Psychic Powers.
Sage : Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Wishes
Sagebrush : Purification, Exorcism
St.Johns Wort : Health, Power, Protection, Strength,
Love, Divination, Happiness
Sandalwood : Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Spirituality
Sarsaparilla : Love, Money
Sassafras : Health, Money
Savory, Summer : Mental Powers
Scullcap : Love, Fidelity, Peace
Senna : Love
Sesame : Money. Lust
Shallot : Purification
Skunk Cabbage : Legal Matters
Slippery Elm : Halts Gossip
Sloe : Exorcism, Protection
Snakeroot : Luck Money
Snakeroot/black : Love, Lust, Money
Snapdragon : Protection
Solomons Seal : Protection, Exorcism
Sorrel Wood : Healing, Health
Southern Wood : Love, Lust, Protection
Spanish Moss : Protection
Spearmint : Healing, Love, Mental Powers
SpiderWort : Love
Spikenard : Love
Squill : Money, Protection, Hex Breaking
Star, Anise : Psychic Powers, Luck
Stillengia : Psychic Powers
Straw : Luck, Image Magic
Strawberry : Love, Luck
Sugar Cane : Love, Lust
Sumbul : Love, Luck, Health, Psychic Powers
Sunflower : Fertility, Wishes, Health, Wisdom
Sweetgrass : Calling Spirits
Sweetpea : Friendship, Chastity, Courage, Strength

Tamarind : Love
Tamarisk : Exorcism, Protection
Tansy : Health, Longevity
Tea : Riches, Courage, Strength
Thistle : Strength, Protection, Hex Breaking, Healing
Thistle, Holy : Purification, Hex Breaking
Thistle, Milk : Snake Enraging
Thyme : Health, Healing, Sleep, Psychic Powers,
Love, Purification, Courage
Ti : Protection, Healing
Toadflax : Protection, Hex Breaking
Toadstool : Rain Making
Tobacco : Healing, Purification
Turmeric : Purification
Turnip : Protection, Ending Relationships

Urva Ursa : Psychic Workings

Valerian : Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection
Vanilla : Love, Lust, Mental Powers
Venus Flytrap : Protection, Love
Vervain : Love, Protection, Purification, Peace,
Money, Youth, Chastity, Sleep, Healing
Vetch, Giant : Fidelity
Vetivert : Love, Hex Breaking, Luck, Money, Anti-Theft
Violet : Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Wishes, Peace, Healing

Wahoo : Hex-breaking, Courage, Success
Walnut : Health, Mental Powers, Infertility, Wishes
Wax Plant : Protection
Wheat : Fertility, Money
Willow : Love, Divination, Protection, Healing
Wintergreen : Protection, Healing, Hex Breaking
Winters Bark : Success
Witch Grass : Happiness, Lust, love, Exorcism
Witch Hazel : Protection, Chastity
Wolfs Bane : Protection, Invisibility
Wood Rose : Luck
Woodruff : Victory, Protection, Money
Wormwood : Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits

Yarrow : Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism
Yellow Evening Primrose : Hunting
Yerba Mate : Fidelity, Love, Lust
Yerba Santa : Beauty, Healing, Psychic Powers, Protection
Yew : Raising the Dead
Yohimbe : Love, Lust
Yucca : Transmutation, Protection, Purification

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#2 - Candle Divination

Information on divination with candles both tapers and seven day novena candles.
You may need:

You may need:

The art of Ceromancy or divination with candles has different forms to it. The studying of the images candle wax makes in water OR th way a candle burns. The way a candle burns is actually called Lychnomancy or La Lingus Delle Candelle, ''the language of the candle.''

Since this is about Ceromancy this is what I will dicuss first then I will discuss Lychnomancy later on. Ceromancy is when the witch lights a candle and then drips wax from the candle into a bowl of water. Then the witch would look for images that form from the wax in the water. It's that simple.

One can probably use the appropriate candle color depending on the question. Pink for love, green for money, brown for the home, etc. Although it was traditional for one to use darker candles since the darker candle wax is easier to see in the water.

One Italian method of ceromancy is recorded in Judika Illes, The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, 2004 (p. 307)

Bind two tapers--not dripless beeswax candles--with scarlet ribbons. Set these candles standing up right in a pan of cold water. Place in the water, nettle leaves,cumin seeds, three rose hips, and a few sprigs of rue.

Light the candles. Observe the wax dripping into the cold water. Interpret any shapes formed by the hot wax solidifing in the cold water. The ultimate interpretation of what a shape is and what it means is up to you.

Here are the common image meanings found in Ceromancy:

AEROPLANE - A trip of a disappointment
ANCHOR - Your loved one is true

BABY - Troubles are coming
BALL or BALLOON - Your problem will not last very long
BEANS - Money difficulties
BED - A vacation would be good for you
BELLS - A wedding
BIRD - News will reach you soon
BRIDGE - Take a chance
BROOM - Make a change

CANDLE - Spiritual growth
CAT - A friend is untrue
CHAIN - Go ahead with your plans
CIRCLE - Reconciliation
CLOUD - Something or someone threatens you
CROSS - Do not fear for you are protected
CROWN - Sickness
CUP - Bitter quarrel with a friend

DOG - Your self-esteem is too low

EAR - Be alert for an opportunity to advance in your work
EGG - New developments soon

FAN - A surprise is in store for you
FEATHER - The problem will be solved
FISH - Someone will betray you

GHOST - Someone from the past is looking for you
GRASS - Good fortune is approaching

HAT - A change of location is indicated
HEART - A friendship will turn into love
HOUSE - Better times are coming

KEY - A setback in plans should be expected
KITE - Your wish will come to naught

LADDER - Take steps to change your attitude toward an old friend
LEAF or LEAVES - Things will be changing soon
LION - An unpleasant situation is developing

MOON - Indicates more money
MOUNTAIN - Good friends are willing to help you

PANTS - You will be tempted
PEN - Expect a letter from a relative
PIN - Your lover may be attracted to another
PIPE - Peace and comfort

RING - Marriage may be possible in the near future

SCISSORS - Separation
SHOE - Be suspicious of a new acquaintance
SNAKE - Be on guard against an enemy
SPIDER WEB - Pleasant happenings
STAR - Happiness
SUN - Good fortune

TABLE - An abundance of blessings
TREE - A good time for new undertakings

UMBRELLA - Trouble is coming

WALKING STICK - Get out of the house and visit friends
WHEEL - One who has been away will return soon
WITCH - Danger will pass you by
WORM - Business troubles ahead if you are not careful

This system of candle interpretation is used by some Voodoo, Hoodoo and Santeria practitioners to monitor effectiveness of candles used in magickal workings. Working with candles can be very practical and effective and easily hidden if you need to.
I personally like working with seven day candles because I find it easier to read them easier then tapers. These are the basic guidelines known by many practioners and sites. If you decide to try any of these techniques let me know what you think and any personal experiences.

These generally refer to the burning of ''7 day candles'' that can either be in glass or sometimes free-standing.

The candle explodes
There are two different ways to interpret this. If it is a protection or reversing candle it means that the candle protected something from astrally attacking you and/or a lot of negative energy has been directed towards

Candle does not burn
If the candle is a prosperity or protection candle, this means that other type of spiritual cleansing must be done before the beginning of this spell to remove the negativity of the environment before proceeding.
If the candle is being used for binding then another type of spell must be used.

The candle has a high flame
The spell is going to be effective and work fast. If for prosperity or protection,the environment is clear of negativity. If for a binding, defensive or protective use, you will most likely see quick results as they do not have spiritual protection .

The candle has a low flame
In regards to prosperity & luck,cleanse your environment. In regards to binding and defensive spells, they are resisting due to a strong spirit and it will be awhile before you see results. It is suggested that you try
another spell in combination with the present one to see faster results.

The candle burns the glass totally black
If after the candle burns down the entire glass is black, it is thought to mean that negativity or witchcraft has been directed towards you. Cleansing your environment and lighting a reversing candle should do the
trick. If this happens when burning a candle to bind someone who you feel is harming you it suggests stopping because it may possibly turned back on you.

A former member Posted May 10, 2009 11:11 AM Link to this reply
Post #: 805 The candle burns the top half of the glass black
If only the top part of the glass burns black this means that the spell was initially met with negativity before it began to work.

The candle burns the bottom half of the glass back
If it is a candle for prosperity or luck, negativity was sent your way and the candle detected it. If used to bind or for defensive purposes, the spirit of the person was alerted and reversed the spell.

The candle burns only on one side
This means that the spell will only be part way effective. This means that the wrong candle or candle dressing was used.

The glass cracks
If being used for self-protection,this means that the candle broke the negativity in the environment. This can also mean witchcraft or the presence of secret enemies. If being used to bind, it means the protection of the individual was broken.

The candle flame crackles
If for self-protection it means that someone is talking about you and has bad intentions directed towards you. If being used to bind, it means the individual is thinking about you.

If the candle has more than one flame
The center or main flame represents you. If being used for protection each one other than the center one represents an enemy. If being used to bind or for self-defense, it means that the person is being helped by other people.

The candle flickers
When a candle flame flickers, this signifies the presence of spirits. Note: Be sure there are not errant and mundane explanations such as a ceiling fan, before assuming this.

The entire top of the candle including the wick is on fire
This means that the spell is being fought off by guardian spirits but more than likely, the spell will be successful.

The candle flame goes out during the spell
If the spell is for protection this means that while the job was being performed, witchcraft was directed your way and your spirits or wards were unable to fight it off. If directed towards another their spirits were able to fight the binding off & have alarmed the individual. Another type of spell or combination of spells must be performed.

Can a candle be extinguished and then lit again later?
Only a candle being used to bring prosperity or success to an individual may be extinguished before it has completely burned. If being used to bind someone, the candle flame must never be put out or the spell will not work generally speaking. The guardian spirits of the other individual will then have time to prepare and reverse it back on to you.

A former member Posted May 10, 2009 11:13 AM Link to this reply
Post #: 806 How do you put a candle flame out?
Placing a plate over the flame thus allowing the flame to extinguish itself naturally or use a candle snuffer.

What if a candle is extinguished and then relights itself?
This means that your guardian spirits do not want you to turn the candle off because they are detecting something good or bad for you. If the candle is extinguished they cannot assist you effectively.

What if a 7 day candle burns out before seven days?
This means that the spell is working fast and another candle must be lit immediately. Money is coming in regards to prosperity spells, a lot of negativity in regards to reversing spells and in spells of harm, that the individuals spirit is fighting it off but it will soon be successful.

What will make a candle spell work more effectively?
Using the appropriate incense, oils, herbal bath, salts, powders etc.

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#3 - Information-Candle Omens

This is a list of omens by candle.
You may need:

  • I did not write this, nor do I know who did as it was passed along to me. If you know the author, let me know and I'll credit them here.
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    You may need:

  • I did not write this, nor do I know who did as it was passed along to me. If you know the author, let me know and I'll credit them here.
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    Candle Omens & Superstitions

    Bad Luck
    1) A drip of wax down the side of a candle at a seance presages bad luck or death to the person nearest to that side.
    2) It's considered unlucky to fall asleep with a candle burning.
    3) It's considered unlucky to gaze into a mirror by candle light especially on Hallows Eve.

    1) If a candle suddenly goes out by itself, it is an omen of a death in the family.
    2) If a candle flame turns blue it is an omen of death in the offing.
    3) If a candle flame gutters and causes grease to form in a winding sheet, it is a death omen for whoever is sitting nearest to it.

    1) To dream of a black candle is an omen of death or illness.
    2) To dream of a white candle is an omen of true love.
    3) A red candle that appears in a dream means passion and sexual desire.
    4) To dream of 5 candles is an omen of love and marriage.
    5) To dream of a candle in a holder is an omen of happy and prosperous future.

    Ghosts and Evil
    1) A blue light from a candle is a sign that good spirits are nearby.
    2) A tall straight flame on a candle during a seance is a sign that a spirit is present.
    3) Always light a candle at moments of birth, marriage and death to ensure that evil spirits are at bay.

    Good Luck
    1) A bayberry candle burned all the way down will bring good luck to the home and gold to the pocket.
    2) Light a new white candle in a new house to bring good luck and happiness to the home.
    3) Kill a moth flitting about a candle to bring good luck and keep away bad spirits and negativity.

    1) A candle with a tall straight flame means the arrival of a stranger.
    2) Churches only used beeswax candles because it was believed that bees came from paradise.
    3) A medieval belief was that a lighted candle placed between the horns of a goat could make the devil appear.

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    #4 - Money and/or Job Spell

    This spell is to bring you money when you need it, or a job that you truly want. Copyright Shauna McShane. DO NOT reproduce in any way. For personal use only.
    You may need:

  • 4 tiger's eye crystals
  • 12 silver coins
  • Paper
  • Green or brown pen or marker
  • Area to keep this up permanently
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    You may need:

  • 4 tiger's eye crystals
  • 12 silver coins
  • Paper
  • Green or brown pen or marker
  • Area to keep this up permanently
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    1) Place the four tiger's eye crystals in a square formation (East, West, North and South), leaving room for the silver coins to go between them.

    2)Place 4 silver coins between each tiger's eye, creating a square. While you are doing this, picture yourself in that new job, or what you would do with that money.

    3) Write on the piece of paper the job you want, or the amount you need and what you need it for, fold it up, and place it in the center of the square.

    4) Now trace the square of tiger's eyes, starting in the East. As you trace it, see yourself working the job you want, or doing what you want to do with the money you have.

    5) Say at each stone (in the proper Quarter):

    "Eastern beings see my request,
    Bring to me what You think is best.

    Northern beings hear my cry,
    Bring this opportunity by.

    Western beings know what I need,
    And let me be the one to succeed.

    Southern beings let good fortune come,
    So I may have the proper sum."

    6) Leave this small "altar" up, and perform the chant once a day until you receive what you require.

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    #5 - Stone Attraction Spell

    A spell to attract anything to you. Shared by Pantheriaa.
    You may need:

  • Any Stone
  • Running Water (stream, river, waterfall)
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    You may need:

  • Any Stone
  • Running Water (stream, river, waterfall)
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    Take any stone. Hold it in your projective hand for several minutes while visualizing your need.

    Flood the stone with your need and with your emotional involvement with your need. Send power out from your body to the stone. Use your visualization to see it streaming into the rock.

    Then throw the stone into running water. It is done.

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    #6 - Candle Blessing

    A simple blessing of loved ones. Very good for beginners.
    You may need:

  • White Unscented Candle
  • Piece of Paper
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Match
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    You may need:

  • White Unscented Candle
  • Piece of Paper
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Match
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    Light a white candle. Make sure it does not have any markings or other colors.

    Write the names of the people you want to bless on the sheet of paper. Burn the paper completely and then blow the candle out.

    Note: This cannot be turned around to curse someone, if tried, Karma will most definatly get the best of you.

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