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Magickal Light Member I am a healer and a Crystal Child(very psychic). I have had years of experience in spells, and I am an elemental witch. I come from a gifted family and share my talents with my mom andsister. I write my own spells and work with energy and spirits. If there is anything you need, ANYTHING you need help with, or just want to talk, mail me! I am here for anyone! If you want AIM or email so we can talk further, contact me! * I am random * I love coffee * I read too much * I am up at like 6 in the morning * I LOVE to talk * I am taken... sorry ;) * Umm... I LOVE Avenue Q * I am a member of "Cosmicallina's V-Club" * Alysia If you would like to join Practical Witches please send me a message as well as the application. For council please send me a pm on why you think you would be right to be part of council :) Practical Witches is just getting started but very soon I am going to need leaders of different arts, so mail me if you are interested in being a lead teacher in a certain form of magick...