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you will need:

a small ceramic pot that you can fill with water.this you can heat on your stove or a camping oven.

A mortar and pestle

small purses or sqaures of fabric to tie the herbs in

a selection of dried herbs,barks flowers ect.

Preparing the herbs

select the herbs you will use, one kind for cleansingand one kind for removing pain and sorrow and one for empowering and healing

prepare your pot by half filling it with water.if you do not have the time or setting to boil the water use a large wedged candle in sand in the pot and burn afew grains of the cleansing herb in the flame. do not light the fire source yet

place your cleansing herbs in an open dish and on them sprinkle afew grains of salt sayin "blessings Be.Take away sorrow.take away pain,take away sickness make me whole again."

Put you healing herbs in the mortar or use a ceramic mixing bowl and a spoon.Sit qieutly before you begin and light the beeswax or pure white candles(only if working after dark or in the dark...sunlight is good for healing *Hint*) If possible work in the open air with lavender or sandlewood scented torches(garden torches)

Ask in your own words that the higher powers of healing may eneter your fingers and that you only work toward the greater good to heal-if you want you can name the person you are wanting to heal or the place, if you are healing absently you can put a pictur or the name were the light shines or if working in the dark inscribe it in a candle with symbols of the sun and moon on it.

Visualize or describe aloud rays of golden light passing through the crown of your head; through your brow and heart centers and flowing into your heart, the spiritual energy center that controls the arms hands and instruments of healinh. you may exeiriance tingling.

point the fingers of both your hands downward over the cleansing herbs saying "blessins be;may love light and lovingness flow and sorrow go"

now begin to pound the healing herbs visualizing the light going through your fingertip into the herbs..and be sure to chant the purpose of the herbs (ie. Fennel Fennel bring courage Fennel)

Chant slowly rythmically and qeiutly visualizing the light growing ever more bright,like an aura of gold around the healing herbs.

you will know the herbs are done when a sudden flash of radience and awarness and your fingers are warm and the energy is slowing

The actual ritual:sending the healing

Druidic magic is not like convential magic;it does not increase in speed it is slow rythmic. An even tempo and thus perhaps more enduring.When the healing herbs are ready reduce you chant into a fadibg whisper.

light the cauldron or candle asking for the blessing of sacred fire,as it heats talk quietly.whether alone or with others of brighter days.you will find that the words flow-the right words for the occasion with no prompting or planning.

when the water is warm,ask the person to be healed to add the cleansing herbs to the water a few at a time or add them yourself if you are doing absent healing.Ask that pain sorow and fear and a specific area of discomfort(whatever that amy be) is removed or elieved. male sure you are visualizing them healthy and strong.

ater each handful of herbs is added stir the cauldron(or pot) "go in peace,sorows(or pain) cease.come no more I close the door(name the worst aspect)

When the herbs have disinegrated turn the heat right down;take the empowereed healing herbs and wrap them in a cloth(white cotton pure cotton would be a good choice) and at the top tie it shut with 3 knots hold briefly over the cauldron sayin "take only what is good and worth from the past and move to the future through this moment of healing(wellness)

put down the purse and extinguish the cauldron. very carefull take three drops from it one at a time. Cast each drop on the ground to be absorbed by mother earth. you can put them into a wooden bowl to be put outside later if you are working indoors. or you can sprinkle them around the symbol or picture

hold the herbs(purse) downto the earth then up to the sky and either once more

over the cooling waters of the cauldron and if using th candle over that to.

say as you do "earth sky and sea add your powers of healing strength and restoration new life light and the flowing of love and harmony

pour away any excess liquid in a safe place

give the herb sachet to the person who needs the healing or anyone who would appreciate it

blessed be -awen

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