Ritual of the Five Elemental Temples

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This ritual will help bring your spiritual energy in line with that of the five elements: earth, wind, fire, water, and spirit. It will help you master the five basic kinesis's. This was written by LordDarkWolf and I.

For this rite you must be nude, for nothing must interefere with the transfer of energy from you and the elemental temples. This is why this rite is preformed as a solitaire and at night; if this is impossible to preform this ritual without being interrupted wear the bare minumum of clothing.

Draw on the floor or ground if outside with sea salt a pentegram big enough for your entire body to be in. At each point construct a small shrine at the outer edge.

Top- use a mirror for spirit.

Top Right- use a candle for fire.

Bottom Right- use a stone or crystal for earth.

Bottom Left- use a small bowl of water for water.

Top Left- use incense for air.

Go to each small shrine starting with the top, touch the object representing that element. Place it above or on your third eye. While touching the object chant the following:

"Spirit of thee __________ attend to me

I call upon you this holy night

I ask of you to set your powers free

So that they can mix with mine in this purest rite

May your powers help me grow

Through my actions let your glory show!"

Say this chant for each of the five shrines. As you do this for each of the shrines, envision an orb of elemental power combining with an orb of your power giving you power and knowledge over that element!

When done dismiss the spirits and thank them for their presence, and close your circle.

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