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In the first two Chios levels you have worked primarily with the energy. You have learned, in them, to conduct the energy as well as sense it. In Chios Level III you will also make extensive use of color and light in your healing work.

It is important to understand that these three?energy, color and light?are not fundamentally different from each other. They are all the same fundamental idea in three apparently different forms; they are all emanations of the essence. It is as if the essence of reality?the essence of the being?exists at three different levels of vibration or radiation. Light is the highest and most refined, color is a slower vibration than light and energy is an even slower one. Although they may appear different, they are all fundamental manifestations, in the manifested world, of the realm of pure being, and so actually there is a unity. As with the use of energy, using color or light is to direct a manifestation of the essence, using your body or mind as a focus for it, as a channel. They do differ, however, in their method of perception and application.

The energy that you have sensed and conducted during so much of your healing work thus far works on a grosser level than color or light, yet it is more all-pervasive. Energy is found throughout the body, all around us in the atmosphere and permeates all living things and the environment in which they live. Color and light are also found in the human energy field?in the chakras and layers of aura?but they are more localized entities with a specific manifestation and meaning. They are successively rarer, more concentrated and refined entities, of a higher vibration, and their application, in healing, is similarly more topical?they are applied only in certain specific areas and in specific ways. This is not to say that color and light are less important than the energy, in healing work: they are actually successively more significant and refined manifestations of the essence, and are also more powerful. They are a more specific channeling, to the patient, of the power of healing that is present in the field of pure consciousness.

Energy --------> Color ---------> Light

Each step up, from energy to color to light, denotes a more refined state of the same basic form, an entity that works and is applied on a finer vibratory level. The light itself is a bridge to the essence.

In previous Chios levels you worked primarily with the energy, which may be likened to a life force in the body. The method of sensing this was tactile, using the passing-of-hands, although the intuition was also used. In this course, color and light, which have a more visual and radiant nature, are used, and they are sensed in a more ?visual? way. You will make greater use of your power of visualization in your healing work using color and light?both in sensing these entities and in sending them. This is one of the many reasons that practice of Chios Meditation is highly recommended. The treatment steps you employed in Chios Level II will not be discarded?you will still treat your patient using the energy. You will, however, supplement your treatment with new methods that also make use of color and light?treatments of a more refined nature, which use these more refined entities.

Visualizing and Sending Color:

Many of the techniques that you will learn in this level will require you to visualize color, for the purpose of being able to sense and send it effectively. This ability to visualize color will be important to your perception and treatment of the chakras and layers of aura. You will be sending color to chakras or to other areas in need of treatment through the placement of your hands and especially through your use of the power of visualization to channel and direct the color. To properly use color in healing you must learn to visualize color, using the correct technique.

The first step in beginning to use color in healing is to become aware of the seven true colors?to learn to visualize them and become them. These colors, which correspond to the seven chakras, and the seven layers of aura or higher bodies, the patterns of energy that surround the physical body and make up the auric field, are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, as you have learned. These colors are pure and unadulterated?the colors you would see in a rainbow, or in the spectrum of sunlight as dispersed by a prism. In healing, the healer uses these colors by visualizing them in their essence, by sensing them and becoming one with them. The following exercise will assist you in beginning to do this and in becoming familiar with the essence of these colors:

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and seek a calmness, a quietness in your mind. Imagine, in your mind, one of the true colors. Do not merely ?think about,? or ?pretend to see? the color, but try to sense and become the color, using the understanding and proper practice of visualization you have gained. Ask yourself, how does it feel to be that color? Feel the color in its purest state?as a true color?and then seek to merge with the color, feel your entire being sensing, moving into and becoming one with it. If you find yourself ?pretending to see? the color, release the ?visual? portion of your awareness of it, the portion of your awareness that ?sees? it as a visual sensation. As you visualize the color, note the purity and begin to get a sense of the color?s being and power. Continue sensing yourself as the color for a few moments, and then end the exercise by stopping and resting for a moment, with your eyes closed.

Repeat this exercise with each of the true colors, and with each seek to gain a feel of each color?s purity, being and power. Note that it is as if each color has its own identity, and that the sense you get from red, for example, is different than that from green. As you perform the exercise with each color, though, do not try to differentiate between or sense any of the colors on the basis of any particular mental notion, such as vibration, for instance. The true colors are realms of being and cannot be understood purely on the basis of particular ideas but must be visualized and experienced in their essence.

Begin to gain a knowledge of all the colors. It is very important that you have a knowledge of these colors in your mind ? you must be familiar with the true essence of each color. You must learn to know them and become them, and this is done by bringing out the knowledge and sense of the color that you already have inside yourself.

After you have practiced sensing and becoming the true colors, it is time to combine your visualization of the colors with your visualization of the Chios symbols. Many of the techniques you will learn in this course require that you visualize colors in the proper way as you treat your patient, and at the same time visualize a Chios symbol. This is done so that the color-channeling ability that your color visualization activates will be magnified by the essential power inherent in the Chios symbol, so that in certain applications of color you will have even greater power and effectiveness as you treat your patient using the Chios Master techniques. You will use, in many of these techniques, a symbol in color from the basic progression, a series of the Chios symbols in color each of which represents that color and which corresponds to a particular chakra and a particular higher body, or layer of the aura. These symbols in color begin with a Red Circle and ascend upwards to a Violet Star, as shown in the table below:

The following exercise will provide practice in the proper visualization of the symbols in color:

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and seek a calmness, a quietness in your mind. Now, at random, select a colored symbol from the basic progression. Visualize the symbol, in color, in your mind?s eye, using proper visualization technique. As in the orange-red ball meditation, combine your sense of the feel and presence of the color with your sense of the shape of the symbol, sensing both together as a single object of this shape and color, sensing and becoming the symbol in color. Do not attach any meaning or mental ideas to the symbol in color, ?think about? it or ?pretend to see? it, but visualize, become the symbol in color for a minute or two, then select at random another colored symbol from the progression. Continue for about 5 or 10 minutes, employing all the colored symbols one or more times, in random order.

This ability to visualize symbols in color will be used in various places in the Chios Level III techniques, and it is beneficial that you begin practicing the above exercise, at various times throughout the day, in preparation. It is not necessary to employ the symbols when visualizing color?you can perform all the powerful techniques given in Chios Level III by merely visualizing the color itself?but as a focus for energy using the symbols will add much power to the practice of the techniques and is included for this reason. Practice in visualizing the colors will also assist in preparing your ?psychic sight? for viewing the colors of the aura layers.

The above method of color and symbol visualization is the one that is recommended and that will be effective for the large majority of persons, but it is possible that you may find it more appealing to visualize a white light-colored symbol against a solid colored background (a background that is the color required). As an alternative, this method is basically the same, and accomplishes the same purpose. If absolutely necessary, it may be used, instead, with all of the following course techniques.

You will use this visualization of symbols in color for two things: 1) to place yourself into a certain color?a certain higher vibratory rate?for the purpose of sensing and viewing the corresponding higher layers of aura, and 2) to send color for the purpose of treating and healing the chakras and higher layers of aura. When using visualization of the symbols in color for the purpose of viewing the higher aura layers, you will simply visualize the appropriate symbol in color, using your third eye chakra to visualize and become the color, while employing a special technique you will learn. This enables you to ?see? in the color, to sense in its realm of being, and thereby see the corresponding aura layer.

When sending color using color visualization, you will usually send color to a selected chakra and/or higher aura layer in need of treatment. When doing this, you will visualize a symbol in color, using your ?third eye? and the powers of visualization as you practiced in the exercise above. At the same time you will visualize the true color as a cloud of color surrounding your hands. Do not see the color as coming from the hands, but surrounding them?as a cloud of color around the hands and a layer of color below them?the color gently penetrating into your patient or the patient?s energy field. This will enable you to ?be in the color? and then send the color into your patient in an effective way.

It is possible and beneficial to practice the visualization of symbols in color with your eyes open, as you will be able to do after some practice, but you may wish to close your eyes while learning. After a little practice, you will easily be able to visualize them with your eyes open. You will find it beneficial to keep your eyes open as you employ visualization of symbols in color in the various techniques in which it will be used, as you treat your patient.

You should know that, although we name and use the colors, their corresponding chakras and corresponding higher bodies, and ascribe to each a general function or involvement in the being, and treat them separately, they are not to be thought of as completely separate entities. They are merely a way to describe and work with the total being, and actually all work together. A human being is the chakras and higher bodies, as well as the physical body, as one organism. It is one being.

Using Light:

You will use light a great deal in this level, especially in situations where a fine or specific direction of healing power is required. You may have already begun using light in your healing work in addition to the energy. As a portion of Chios Level II you may have begun using the light when performing the usual treatment positions at the chakras, when unblocking chakras, or when treating specific diseased areas. This is done by visualizing a layer of pale white or slightly bluish-white light around and below your hands. When visualizing this light, you must be sure to use proper practice, visualizing it in your mind?s eye as a cloud of light surrounding your hands, bathing the hands and gently penetrating into your patient. Do not visualize the hands as the source of the light??see? the light, in your mind?s eye, not as coming from the hands, but as a cloud of light around the hands, and as a layer of light below them, gently penetrating into your patient. As you know, you may see the light as a pale white, or as a pale, light bluish-white, as you feel is best for you. It may appear to you in either way.

You may have begun using the light for other things?to lend greater power to the specific techniques you use to correct other energetic defects in the energy field of the patient. The light can be used when sealing leaks or tears, when clearing blocked chakras or when correcting disturbances in energy flow, as was covered in Chios Level II. The light can also be used in any other procedure that uses the energy, in fact, because they are one and to use the light lends greater direction and power to specific applications. To direct the light, and thereby affect and direct the energy is a more powerful and advanced way of using the healing energies that come from the hands.

From this point on, the use of light will become important in your healing work, and will be used in many such additional ways, especially in the treatment of disease. In treatment of disease, you will visualize the light treating specific areas in the body. You will treat the patient using the placement of hands, yet with specific visualizations to direct the light (and energy) in a powerful and specific manner. This is done by visualizing the light as surrounding and suffusing the form you are treating, so that it follows the form of the body or anatomical region requiring healing. When treating a diseased organ, for example, the light is visualized as a cloud of light, a layer of light surrounding the organ like a second skin.

The proper visualization of light serves to focus and direct your healing powers to the areas that need it most, and is a powerful technique because when sending light to a specific organ or area in the body through visualization, you are also directing the energy to that location ? because ultimately the energy and light are the same thing. Yet light is a finer application, and the direction of light, through visualization, is a more powerful technique, because energy follows the light and the light follows thought.

When performing the various light healing techniques, as with all healing practices, it is essential you strive for transparency in your treatment technique. You must not be self-conscious, but must be aware of and becoming one with the field you are treating, an open channel for the energy, color or light, and must, at the same time, visualize the light in the proper way, sensing and becoming the color or light around your hands, and not just seeing it as if with your physical eyes. There has been a progression, from Chios Level I, where you simply opened yourself to the energy, to Chios Level II, where you began to visualize the light around the hands, to now, where you will learn to direct and focus the light in specific ways through visualization. It is important that you be sure to maintain the transparency, the openness, as you direct the light/energy, so you must practice focusing and directing the light without effort?it is an effortless visualization?so that your full being participates in the healing to be done, yet without effort.

When the person you wish to treat is at a distance, and not in front of you, you may send the light directly with the mind alone, without the hands. To send light to a patient at a remote location, for example, one visualizes the light surrounding the entire body of a patient as a layer or cloud of light. This serves to direct healing energy to that person, even if he or she is a great distance away. This use of light to treat the patient at a distance may also be used on a specific chakra, internal organ, or area of the body in need of treatment. This is effective treatment, yet not quite as effective as when the patient is in front of you with your hands on the patient?s body. When sending light in this way, do not visualize sending the light, but merely ?see? the light at the desired destination. The light does not have a path in space-time; it is visualized at the location desired, surrounding the object of treatment. It also lends greater power to the distance light treatment to localize its application?sending it to a particular chakra or diseased organ, for example, will be more specific and will more powerfully treat the organ or chakra than just sending the light to the overall body of the patient.

These uses of light are effective to the degree that you have mastered the ability to visualize properly. To direct healing power using light is a central tool of the healer and the further you advance in your visualizing ability, the greater will be your power in light healing. This use of light in healing will be discussed further in the sections on distance healing and disease treatment.

?1994, 2000 Stephen H. Barrett

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