Nocturnal Banishing

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This is a banishment ritual to help you with your nocturnal magick.

  1. Stand in the center of the space you wish to cleanse and take three deep breaths. Close your eyes and imagine that you are standing between two spheres of energy: one is above you, one below. The one above is pulsing and silver. The sphere below you is the earth; see it in its entirety as a black sphere, to avoid distraction. Sense how crackling, silver light from above seeks to rain down upon the earth, where it can be absorved by the black sphere. Feel this charged potential slipping around you, almost like a pulsing drizzle, and see the energy falling as brief sparks.
  2. Keeping your eyes closed, imagine that you are growing in height. You are moving up to meet the silver sphere, although your feet are firmly grounded on the absorbing sphere below you. Raise both arms and touch the crackling energy above you. Take one deep breath and feel the silver light enter your hands. Open your eyes and exhale as you lower your arms. Feel the energy move through you, following the descending height of your hands. Finish your exhalation with your hands in front of your chest.
  3. Form two cresents, thumbs up and fingers down, that face eachother. Each finger should be touching its opposite counterpart. If someone were to stand in front of you, it would look as if you were holding a small invisible ball against your chest, with curled fingers underneath.
  4. Inhale, letting your hands move apart. Feel more energy come down to the sphere at your chest.
  5. Exhale, moving your hands down lower and imagining that the power is passing down through your legs and into your feet. Slowly inhale and exhale three more times. With each inhalation, feel the power course down through your body. With each exhalation, imagine the sphere in your chest growing brighter, as it is drawing on some of the energy passing all the way through you.
  6.  For your next three slow breath cycles, imagine the sphere growing to fill the room, bisecting the floor at its equator. That is, when you've finished expanding the ball you should imagine that half the sphere is underneath you and the room, while the other half is like a dome over you.
  7. Pull energy down with each inhalation: imagine the silver sphere expanding with each exhalation. You decide how large an area you want to clear of negativety, and scale each of the three expansions accordingly

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