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a simple and enjoyable ritual for celebrating the harvest


For this rite no altar is required. At the center of the area should be set a cauldron with an inch or so of alcohol poured into it. Some scented oil may be added. A corn ear and a bottle of red brandy with a cup should be set on either side of the cauldron. Place 4 ears of corn to be used latter and place 13 stones nearby.

* You should take a cleansing bath before the ritual. When ready, meditate for a while and then take place on your knees before the cauldron facing South. Put your hands upon it and say:

At this spot shall I fashion My own small temple, Sacred to the Goddess And to the gods of long ago.

* Taking the 13 stones which you have previously piled, start from a point South of the cauldron and place them in a circle about it, working clockwise, leaving room enough inside for you to move about, if this is your intention during the ritual. Then kneel again before the cauldron and touch the liquid inside with a finger and place a drop on each of the 4 ears of corn before the cauldron, saying:

A bond shall thus be formed Between the central flame And the living seed Which shall be about me.

* Carefully light the cauldron, then place the 4 ears of corn at the South, West, North, and East. Sitting before the cauldron, hold your hands out to the flame saying:

This place I have made sacred To the gracious Lady And to those who serve Her.

* Pause briefly, then raise your right hand toward the South in salute, saying:

O ancient ones of days long past I do ask your presence Nearby. For this is a time that is not a time In a place that is not a place On a day that is not a day. And I am here. Blessed Be!

* Then pour some of the brandy. Hold the cup forth, raised high above the cauldron flame as you toast:

I drink to the glory of the season, To the ways of mystery, and of magic Which were known in ages past And shall be known again In times to come.

* Drink. If you feel that any other toast are worthy at this time they should also be performed now. So also should other things which you may desire to add to the rite. If a source of appropriate music is available, a solitary "Dance of the Earth" may be improvised. When ready to close the rite, kneel before the cauldron and spread your arms outwards, saying:

I do ask, O Goddess wise, That your blessings may be About all. So the children of man May be led back To your ways of peace and joy. Blessed Be!

* Gather in the ears of corn and the 13 stones, placing them about the cauldron. As the last is placed thereby, state:

The rite is ended.

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