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Making your own moon water.

Moon water is water that has been charged by the moon. It can be used to anoint yourself, ritual objects, ritual space, and for purification purposes. 

To make moon water you will need the following:

  • 1c. of spring water
  • 1 glass mason jar with a lid.
  • 1 bowl. 
  • 1 charged, quartz crystal (optional)
  • Pinch of Sea Salt.


One the night of a full moon, place your spring water into a bowl and put it in the light of the full moon. Sprinkled in your sea salt, and add in your charged quartz crystal. The crystal is optional, but I always like to add one to my moon water to give it a little extra spark of energy. 

On the morning following the full moon, place the water into your mason jar and seal it just. Keep the water in a cool, dark place, and use it for your spells and rituals. 

If you have any water left over, during the next full moon, I always recharge it with my new batch of moon water. 

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