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A guide on what spells are real, and which ones are fake, since people can't normally tell the difference on SoM(from what I, the author, has seen).

So, what is Belief vs. Reality?

Belief vs Reality(or BVR for short) is a controversial topic on whether some occult spells/rituals are real, or were made for jokes. It's been debated on(quite heatedly) in Spells of Magic, and I want to end those problems once and for all, by posting this article for the general people.

What would be classified as key points to remember about BVR?

Simply put, it's whether these spells make sense, or seem too good to be true(98% of the time, they are). And it's also good to think logically before casting a spell... Will this cause me more harm than good, if it works? Will others be benefited negatively by this spell?

If the answer is yes, then it's advised to not do the spell.

What would be classified as a "fake spell"?

Well, if you want it simply, it's anything that's outside the field of logic. But if you want a more in-depth interpretation, here's this list of things that you can't achieve via magic. Note, this is not the full spectrum, because you'd never finish the article if I did. So apply a bit of logic to any spell you see before trying it.

  • Turning into something that's not exclusively you.
  • Gaining superpowers that don't make sense/too overpowered(or superpowers in general)
  • Becoming a spiritual creature(like a deity or demon/angel/wolf hybrid(sorry, I just had to include that because people write that kind of stuff on here ;-;) or anything of the like.)
  • Anything that defies the laws of nature/physics.

So, from what I think you're saying, anything that's not logical isn't able to be done? Then why does magic exist?

That's a completely different story. Values that may seem stupid in logic actually exist within the path you choose to take, more or less.

Examples include:

  • Wishes. Even though you may not be a deity yourself, they still exist by our belief in them.
  • Illusions. You're basically affecting someone's senses by outputting your energies.
  • The classic spells you'd look for(protection spells, love spells, etc.), they've been classified as fact under the path for thousands of years.

So, that's basically it! I hope you learned something today! TL;DR... Put some common sense in every spell/ritual/anything that you do.

Blessed be, my friends!


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Oct 03, 2022
Very short, but very well-written and sensical. Even though this person's quit the site, I send kudos to the one who wrote this. I agree that any spell/ritual should be taken with a grain of salt(or additional salt if it's in the list of things needed).

Oct 07, 2022
Not a bad article, but it does require an edit. Yes, use common sense and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Magik is an energetic force that brings change. Different planes of existence has different rules and therefore Magik will work differently. On the physical plane, Magik is a force of nature, so it adheres to natural laws. If something can be done naturally, it can be done Magikally. An example is you can get a job by passing out resumes and going to interviews. A spell will help you get a job by charging the energy around you to attract the job quicker. Where things with Magik becomes complicated is when you go for chaos magick. It is still the same energy and the same rule applies; it will not contradict nature. However, chaos is by definition unpredictable. You could, theoretically call on a character from a show to help you similar to working with a spirit. This would be considered an egregore, enough people like the character thus giving it energy and in a way, bringing it into existence. It will not be physical or as powerful as an actual spirit, but chaos magick would allow a bit more ''pop culture'' to be incorporated into your craft. And one form is not more powerful than another, it is all the same energy and it is the skill of the individual witch that determines the power of any given spell. It is simply wiser to begin with basic Magik concepts before moving on to more advanced ideas. No, you will not gain superpowers. You will not physically transform. You will not gain a mystical creature sidekick. No Magikal path will do this because Magik is still ruled by nature on the physical plane. But Magik is more than simply The Wiccan Rede. The only rule is natural law. Your belief will never change this reality.

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