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A introductory article on sea magic.

Beach items and magical uses.

Driftwood, endurance, strength, transformation.

Ocean porcelain, protection, hexwork.

Mother of pearl, relaxation, intuition, gentle protection.

Sea glass, scrying, concealment, clarity.

Sea shells, a variety of purposes depending on the shape, color, and type of shell.

Snail shell, cycles, sacredness.

Mussels, protection, intuition.

Location, energy, and sand.

I love to use sand to represent the energy of the area from which it was taken. Much like church or court house dirt I like using ocean sand for specific locations. Beaches in different towns have a different feel to me.

A wand made from the sand of a certain beach, river side, or lake side can be a powerful way of drawing and directing energy.


Sea Witches Cleansing Water.


Epsom salt

Bottle of water

Crushed muscle shell

Mortar and pestal

Take a mortar and pestle ones you do not use for anything edible, and grind down the muscle shells. You want a powder.

Add water to your bottle, then the epsom salt and finally your shell powder.

The mother of pearl on the shell aids in gentle protection and soothes.

This water is great to gently cleanse and add positive energy into a space.

Seawitch tip

Combing the beach is a great way to find precious stones which are local or relative to that area.

I have found many different stones in water. River jasper, ocean tumbled smoky quartz, and garnet in a pool of water at a rock quarry to name a couple.


Seawitches spell to protect from the scrying eyes of others.


Glass buoy

Sea glass

Take your glass buoy or any clear orb with an opening, add to this sea glass with the intention of concealing oneself from the scrying of others.

Christmas ornaments that you can fill can be used, any clear fillable orb.

I use a candle holder with an orb piece that can be filled.

A sea wand.

Instructions for an ocean themed wand.


Lidded plastic tube.

Small seashells, preferably found by and meaningful to the practitioner.


Small piece of lithium quartz.

Sand (Optional)


Fill the bottom half of your tube with seashells with a particular meaning to you or that you have a fondness for.

Add next the seaglass. Colors you enjoy work nicely. At the top of my wand I added a small bottle of shells personal to me. They come from a certain location and feel to me to hold a spirit of this location.

Include items from areas which you love, certain beaches, river and lake sides, this can include sand.

Final touch

Finally to help power the wand I add a magical battery. In this case, a small sliver of lithium quartz.


Tools of a sea witch.

Wands, drift wood can be utilized as a wand and decorated to how one desires. I use a lidded plastic tube filled with beach finds and shells I am particularly fond of.

Comb, an interesting one, combs are found in sea folklore and can be used alongside glamor magic.

Shells, can be used on the altar, to represent the water element, or for divination seashells are a versatile tool in a sea witches collection. I am fond of shells and protection workings.

Thread, knot work and magic.

Glass buoys, can be used as scrying tools. Seaglass and beach quartz too can work as a divinatory tool for scrying.


Sea witch forms of divination.

Scrying by water, seaglass, clear beach quartz, or glass buoys.

Water scrying involves using a dark colored bowl and filling it with water, the water being a reflective scrying surface. Water from oceans, lakes or rivers can be used. Wash your hands in fresh running tap water thoroughly after handling of waters you are not certain of.

Seashell lots.

Reading shells involves reading by the shapes, patterns, and colors of the shells taking into consideration where they fall.


Seaglass concealment glamour.


Seaglass piece.

Jewelry wire.

Measure some wire around one of your fingers and cut it making certain it fits.

Fashion the wire into a ring. With another piece of wire attach the seaglass piece.

You may charge and cleanse the ring if you'd like.

Wear this as a glamour intending to conceal yourself from unwanted attention from others.

Seaglass is a glass that has been obscured. It is no longer clear. This is great to use to obscure oneself from view.


A little about storm magic.

Many sea and water practitioners enjoy working with the energy of storms in their magics.

This includes hail, rain and thunder, and winds.

Rain or hail water can aid in workings and cleansings.

The energy a storm produces itself can be great to draw upon.

Storm magic can add another layer to sea or water witchcraft that can energize workings further.


Beach finds and magical uses.

Beach feathers, can have different meanings depending on type of bird and locations.

In some areas sailors considered certain birds lucky and others to be unlucky depending on the folklore of different areas. I have read seagulls to be both lucky or unlucky depending on the author of such articles.

It has been said that beach feathers can represent luck, abundance and further along those lines when combined with hex associated items, sharp items, darker color, baneful items such as mermaid's purse, can represent anti luck or prosperity.

Which brings me to my next beach find,

Mermaid's purse, strong protection, hex work, fertility.

Beach rose, love, attraction, compassion.


Worries to the sea

A spell for relaxation.


Ocean side



Pick up a pile of sea sand. Cocentrate on adding to the sand all of your acquired stress. Any worries cast into this sand.

Toss the sand into the waves and envision the waves washing away the excess stress.

Relax and enjoy your ocean day.


Healing Seaglass

I often use seaglass to soothe a migraine or cramping.


Tealight candle

Oil warmer

Sea glass



Place a tealight in an oil warmer. In the warmer dish heat up a few pieces of seaglass.

When heated as you like place the cloth atop the seaglass and gather the pieces carefully into the cloth.

Use this to soothe and ease a headache or muscle aches.

Seek a medical professional for any sign of severe pain.

Beach items and magical uses

Pearl, magic, prosperity, what is hidden, secrecy.

Any beach find, it was said in sailor lore that taking along a bit of the land with you could aid in a safe voyage. Similarly having a piece from a specific beach, lakeside or other location can hold a strong connection to that place. Items in a place may hold energy of that location. In a way then taking a natural item along from close to home can aid in traveler protection. Beach pebbles are great to have on hand when out looking for your sea witch treasures. Pick up a pebble and take it along with you on your walk on the shore.

Sea Oats, protection, strength, prosperity.

Seagull feather, clarity, resourcefulness.


Drifting together.

A spell to strengthen the bond of a relationship.


Two petition papers



Write on the petition papers the full names and date of birth of the individuals in the friendship, relationship and anything else important, such as the circumstances of the relationship. Tie these to the driftwood with the string.

While making knots one can utilize a chant.

By knot of one this bond lasts.

By knot of two this trust grows fast.

By knot of three so it is.

Keep these knots, knotted and intact.

Keep this driftwood somewhere safe. From time to time hold it in hand, adding extra energy and envisioning a strong and stable relationship or friendship.


Obscure a scrying ball



Incense censor as a base for the scrying ball

Crystal ball


Into the censor place one to two small pieces of seaglass. This is to obscure the scrying efforts of others. There are practitioners whom if they know you use a ball for scrying will attempt spellwork on your tools, or possibly use said tools to scry into your personal life.

Seaglass being a concealment can go a way to hide your tools from the view of others.

After placing the glass into your censor, make sure it is small and as flat as possible, place your scrying ball atop the censor.

Visualize your tool being concealed in some way.

To add energy periodically visualize the tool again being concealed. I use the visualization of an object becoming an unassuming rose bush.


Seawitch Tip

To conceal spellwork place into spell bags, jars, sachets, or cloth dolls a piece of seaglass.

Like a mirror, seaglass can conceal one's spells from the influence of others.

For candle workings energetic concealment can work. Visualize your working sinking into the sand, lake, or river.


Spirits and Items

An example of spirit attachment to an item.

I one day decided to make my own pendulum. I had a small glass jar with shells from a certain beach that I tied with a string to use.

I began to use this as a pendulum. Specifically for water dowsing. I placed a bowl of water in different areas throughout the space and set out to see if the pendulum would indicate these areas. I was very pleased with my results.

As I was doing this I remember at one point the stressed out voice of an elderly woman state to leave her alone.

This led me to realize there was something possibly attached to the jar of shells.

It can be difficult at times to know exactly what to do with this type of item.

The spirit seemed sensitive. I have been trying since to respect the item this spirit is attached to.

Tips on caring for sacred items

If a spirit asks nicely for you to let an item be, let it be.

Keep the item clean in a way that is appropriate for its material. Do not wet wood. I keep my shells in a jar. A dry rub down is appropriate for cleaning.

Keep the item in a safe space out of the hands of others.

Show proper care, respect, and sensitivity.


Spirits and the Sea.

Now that we've discussed a bit about spirits attached to items, let's take a look at the spirits we may find on the beach, lakesides, or at riversides.

Passed human spirits. It is possible to find those whom have passed at the beach or in other watery areas. One can learn from these individuals or they may seem to want help, or may simply be present.

Nonhuman entities, some may be tricky, some may have information, and there are some too that may be particularly malicious.

Spirits possibly attached to items including jewelry found by the water.


Some sea witches may like to work with sea or water specific deities. Personally I work with the deity I connect with most, the Christian deity, and he does not abandon me at seaside or other watery areas.

All spirits should be treated with respect and boundaries. I suggest personal protection when undertaking spirit work whether it be jewelry, sigils, carried objects or other forms of protection.


Water spirits of folklore of interest, based on personal practice, and ancestry.






Ideas for a sea witch altar.

Blue and white candles are great to represent the sea. Shades of green too work well.

Ocean or beach items, driftwood, seaglass, sea porcelain or tile, stones etc.


Ocean, lake or river water.

Depictions of mermaids, deities, sirens and other figures in sea lore.

Feathers, especially from coastal birds.

Nautical themes, anchors, ships, wheels (ships), etc.

Glass buoys, shells, combs and other tools.

Stones or crystals found from watery areas, lakes or seas, rivers.

These I feel are very powerful holding energy from the watery area.

Instead one could also opt for stones associated with the ocean such as aquamarine, or moonstone.

Personally I feel crystals I find on the beach work better for me.

Sea mammals and other water life that one works with or relates to. Art, statues, and other depictions.


Water witch offerings

Offerings are not reserved for deity only. There are a few ways I personally offer items as a sea witch.

Folkloric spirits, turbulent waters, as a sailor I often offer prayers when experiencing turbulent waters at sea. Too, prayers or items can be offered to the spirits of folklore that are said to inhabit watery areas.

Passed spirits at the beaches, lakesides, and riversides, I often leave rose petals or other plant offerings to passed human spirits I at times find in places. This for me is simply to show proper respect.

The water itself, to purify, respect and care for water I find that I feel sacred in some way I leave an appropriate offering of rose petals floating on the body of water. Take care not to leave anything that will pollute the water, including poisonous plants.


Beach finds and magical uses

Sharper ocean glass, can be mixed with broken sea tile for hex work. These items changed by the water signify the power of the sea to cause damage, and can be significant for curse work.

Flat beach stones, stone effigies.

Shells, can be utilized as spirit vessels.


Stone Effigies for Healing

A spell for healing and blessing.


Two flat larger sized beach stones

A small jar of shells


On the stones draw two depictions of people, one male and one female.

For healing and blessings, gently shake a small jar of shells above the effigy you wish to use. For a female client the stone depicting a female. Imagine this person and envision healing and blessings for this person.

These stone effigies in a healing manner are great to use for relatives and others close to you.

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