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An alter as a tribute to the gods and goddesses of love. A perfect way to celebrate Valentine?s Day. You can make your own kind of alter if you like, but here?s how I do it if you?re interested.

What you may need:

?7 candles (3 white, 1 red, 1 pink, 1 violet/purple, and 1 blue)

?Dragon?s Blood incense

?1 rose quartz or some other love stone

?A pentacle

?3 Tarot Cards (The Lovers, The Star, Ace of Cups)

?Names of your love deity or deities written on paper

?Rose oil and lavender oil


Set the alter: Set the red, pink, violet/purple, and blue candles around in a circle with each candle in one of the four corners. (Red to South, Pink to East, Violet/Purple to North, and Blue to West.) Set the two white candles on either side of the circle with the third in the center. Also in the center, set the pentacle, the rose quartz (on the pentacle) and the cards, and the names of the deity or deities. (For example, I would write down Eros, his mother, Aphrodite, and Eros?s wife, Psyche. I might also consider adding Orpheus, Narcissus, Achilles, Iolas, Ganymede, and/or Harmonia.) Set the incense at the front of the alter. Next, anoint yourself with rose oil and lavender oil. Then, light the candles and incense. Next, open the Circle and invoke the god(s) and/or goddess(es). Their energies will fill your space. The energy of love. When the incense has burned out, thank the deity/deities. Finally, close the Circle and put out the candles.

Example pictures are available on my Tumblr blog.

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