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Triple Goddess: Adopted by many neopagans as a primary deity, the Triple Goddess compromises of three female figures described as the Maiden, Mother , & Crone. Each figure symbolizes a specific life cycle & a corresponding phase of the Moon. Modern pagan conceptions of the Triple Goddess have been greatly influenced by the poet & classicist Robert Graves (d. 1985) who speculatively reconstructed her ancient worship based on the scholarship of his time.

Maiden: The embodiment of innocence, purity, & to some extent , naivety the Maiden represents youth & youthful enthusiasm. She symbolizes the enchantment & wonder of childhood. To manifest the Maiden we must maintain an openness to curiosity or the driving life force inspiring us to meaning & purpose. The Maiden is the beginning, the heart & soul of existence. 
~Moon Phase: Waxing
~Corresponding Deities: Virginal goddesses, Kore, Persephone, Artemis, Bona Dea, & Diana
Mother: The symbolic Mother goddess acts as  a personification of nature. She represents fertility & creation imbued with the awesome power to bring a conscious breathing life into physical existence. Nearest the brink of death she will be for sometime, the Mother is the warrior perilously risking herself & her mortal body. Manifesting the Mother means willing ourselves to face another day & other opportunities to nurture our truest selves & crest our own lives. The Mother empowers us to live fully- courageously & willfully. 
~Moon Phase: Full Moon (3 days of observance: the day before, of and after the official Full Moon) 
~Corresponding Deities: Motherly goddesses, Demeter, Gaia, Hera, Isis, & Selene
Crone: The Crone symbolizes illumination, transformation & enlightenment. She personifies wisdom experiencing & learning from the effects & lessons of time. As the keeper of crossroads, she’s a supremely powerful & influential being who moves effortlessly between worlds. The Crone is both heroine & helpful guide, sharing generational knowledge & maintaining the bonds of family. Manifesting the Crone requires considering responsibilities moving beyond the realm of self & into the greater collective unconscious. She encourages us to embrace and utilize all aspects of ourselves. 
~Moon Phase: Waning
~Corresponding Deities: Hecate, Rhea, Atropos, Mnemnasyne, Trivia, Morta, Minerva, & Skuld. 

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Jul 09, 2022
This article has False information. While the attributes associated with each phase and the deities listed are correct, the idea these deities are The Triple Goddess is untrue. This is a modern reading of Her based on personal gnosis not facts about Her. Some witches choose to view The Triple Goddess as specific deities because those deities fall into categories. Maiden: Persephone/Kore (same deity) Mother: Demeter. Crone: Hecate. However, they are not The Triple Goddess. They are separate deities. The Morrigan is a triple goddess, but she is not THE Triple Goddess. The Triple Goddess is a single Goddess that can appear in these three phase. She ages with the seasons and she ages with the moon. We can use these times to tap into her energy, or use ritual to do so. The Triple Goddess is the Goddess of Wicca. It is believed through The Great Rite she and her consort The Horned God created the universe.

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