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There?s not many mentions of her so I?ll do a little article on her. Kebechet is Egyptian Goddess of Freshness and Embalming Liquid. And is also the daughter of Anubis.

Kebechet: Also known as Qebehet, Kebhut, Kebehut, Qebehut, & Kabechet. 

Egyptian Goddess of Freshness & Embalming Liquid. 

Her job is assisting her Father in his role of the god of embalming. She's associated with embalming fluid used during mummification process. 

-Name includes the root of the Ancient Egyptian word "kbch" which means: to offer libations or "to purify" and the root word "wt" which refers to the place of embalming (it also appears in Anubis epithet "imy wt" -he who is in the place of embalming). However her name resembles the word "qebeshu", which means "cold water". As a result her name translates as "cooling water". 

She is often depicted as a snake, sometimes with a body of stars. She's also seen as a woman with the head of a snake. And she occasionally takes the form of an ostrich, linking her to the Goddess of Ma'at who represents justice and balance. She was also involved in the judgement of the dead. 

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