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I continuing my article on Egyptian Magicks in this article.

Offerings are compensation: for having to be disturbed by the living. The content of the spell is in Egyptian Hieroglyphics language for the benefit of the Gods or Spirits. 

Each Level of skill: Is reflected by the number of actions per spell created. For the Initiate, we start with One Effect Per Spell. For the Intermediate, perchance we use 2 or 3 Effects per Spell. For the Master we cluster bomb the spell with complex results (multiple effects). The Visual Aid may assist with the effect, such as a photo of coins or paper money for a wealth spell, chocolate candy or pink lace for a love spell or images of friendship for a peace spell. If you need negative visuals for hostile effects, research the world news for the past 20+ years. Each spell once charged with your Bio Energy, can work when Matter (a paper, photo, bookmark or skin) comes in contact with the charged words. Or copy each spell onto a piece of white paper in dark pencil or ink and wait a period of time for the effect. While copying the text, think strongly about what you are wanting here, thus your focus your willpower into action. Ignore random thoughts once this energy is available and meditate to prevent interference. Control your mind by becoming peaceful with the thoughts that enter or exit the brain fluid thoughts or thoughts that calmly flow outward from you are desirable. Focus on your goals & don't desire an outcome unless you really want it testing is okay in certain circumstances but be CAREFUL what you ask for in this because it will still happen. Be very specific in the reactions desired; vagueness only confuses the respondent. Know that  form of intellect fulfills the request, so your penmanship may be an issue.

To Meditate: Listen to soft wordless music wile focusing on areas of your body from top to bottom or vice versa, over 10 minutes so as to control your thoughts. Enemy thoughts come from rival telepaths or sorcerers, people who want to confuse you. Protection and Counter Magick should be active prior to engaging in offensive Magick. Generating negative energy will make it appear someone is cursing you or a spell backfired. This often happens when you are either angry or depressed over a period of time. So think positively.

Meditation: Also involves relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, and controlled breathing. Incense helps with this by setting a mood. Take several long deep breaths wile focusing on your body relaxing for about 10 minutes. Other forms of Meditation includes Yoga, stretching exercises, or Tai Chi. Egyptian Purification rituals, similar to meditation require bathing in a sacred pool (bath tub/shower), rinsing the mouth with Natron solution (Baking Soda or dental mouth rinse), and wearing clean clothing. Once you have meditated you may open the spell book and begin. The initiate must practice on level spells first until comfortable with causing multiple effects or multiple active spells in the Intermediate to Master levels. Master Levels can wield 10+ active spells at one time. Be sure to clear the spell book periodically to end active spells and keep One or two Protection spells active during this time.

In Egyptian Magick: Saying or thinking the name of the entity was enough to cause an effect, because the name was a  hard-coded word of Power  on their vocabulary. Using their names is like pressing a key on a computer keyboard. You also need velocity (for weather magick), specifics and direction.

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