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Eggs in magic.

Eggs have symbolism across many cultures. Often a symbol of fertility and rebirth, the egg has been honored across an array of traditions.

Eggs in divination.

Oomancy sometimes referred to by Ovomancy, is divination using eggs.

Often one will scry using an egg white and hot water. One will observe the shapes the egg white forms. There are other methods of this divinatory form as well.

Oomancy is associated with the evil eye. It was often divined to determine whether one had been given the eye or not with an egg. I have read of different methods of doing this.

Eggs in healing.

Eggs have been used for healing in American and Mexican folk practices. This has been done in different but similar ways, often ending in divining the outcome of the healing with the egg used.

Eggs for protection.

A hoodoo method is to crush an eggshell into a powder creating what is called cascarilla powder. This is used to protect and cleanse the individual and the home.

Eggs in ritual.

Eggs have been decorated in different cultures. Often used to symbolize fertility the egg is lovingly decorated and displayed.


Eggs are a lovely way to symbolize rebirth, protection, and abundance. They have been used since ancient Greek and Roman times, and have endured many changes, well into today.



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Oct 27, 2021
This makes sense because a friend of mine suggested rubbing a egg 🥚 all over my body the wart off bad spirits. But I didn't do it, maybe next time. Thanks for the info

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