Sachet and Dressing Blends

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How to use herbal blends in sachet and candle workings.

Sachet and Dressing Blends.


Herbal blends can be used for dressing candles and in sachet workings. Blends are usually a mix of herbs and spices. Resins can be used as well if one decides to add these.


Preparing a basic blend:


To blend herbs one takes a base plant. In this example let's use goldenrod. Then add ingredients to serve your intention. In this case, clove. To add another level upon this I like to add a little patchouli powdered incense. The final result is an herbal blend that can be used for prosperity.




Different blends can be used in sachet workings. For a love working one might mix dried rose and jasmine flowers.


Sachets are made by cutting out two cloths, sewing them on three sides, adding your herbal mix, and then sealing the pouch by sewing the last side. These need not all be pillow like shapes, as long as they are not too complicated, such as the shape of a heart.


A sachet love working:


Rose petals and jasmine flowers.


Cloths (two).


Thread and needle.




Sew your cloths up on three sides. Add your herbal mix. Sew up your last side. You may want to smoke bless your sachet if you can. To use place the sachet in the bedroom to attract love. Under the bed is a great space.


Dressing and loading candles:


One can dress votive and pillar candles with the herbal blends. Pinch the blend and dress the top of your candle with the mixture, taking care not to place any too close to the wick.


Figure candles can be a little more difficult to dress. You can load these with the herbal blend instead. You'll need a pocket knife, your candle, your herbs, and a lighter. Cut the bottom section of your candle around the end of the wick carefully. Take care not to yank. You just want to remove a little of the wick. Stuff your blend into the bottom of your candle carefully. Replace your wick and the wax, and melt the wax around where you had cut to re-seal your candle.


Final notes:


These blends too can act as an herbal base for loose incense. Simply add resins or powders to the herbal blend.

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