Smudge Bundles ( A process for creating your own smudge bundles)

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My process for creating different smudge bundles.


Smudging has been used for decades to purify, cleanse, and bring peace to a space. My technique for creating these is shared here in this article.

Collecting your plants:

To begin you'll want to collect the plants you will be using for your smudge. Some examples are sage, rosemary, mugwort, etc.

You can purchase these herbs or gather them from your area if you have some at a reasonable distance. Purchasing these plants should be done in the form you will want for your bundle, preferably in sprigs. You do not want to make a smudge with chopped or cut mugwort, for example.

If collecting from your area be certain you've properly identified your plants. Mugwort for example can be confused with ragweed.

Remember, do not collect plants if they are wet.

Assembling your smudge bundle:

To make your bundle, gather the plants you intend to use in a little bunch. Make certain to align them as evenly as you are able. Take some twine or crafting string and tie the bundle starting from the bottom. Tie tight enough, yet not too tight. You don't want to destroy the plant matter. I like to tie my twine once at the front of the bundle, then turn it around and tie the string a couple times at the back. Continue in the middle of the bundle with another piece of twine, and then at the top.

Personalizing your smudge bundle:

Flowers as well can be tied into a smudge stick to add color and personality. Fragrant flowers are great choices, though they do not exactly need be if fragrant plants are used. I like to tie flowers into my bundles to represent deities.


Drying your smudge stick can be done naturally or in an oven at a low temperature and supervision to speed up the process.

In an oven set it to 175 degrees, 165 degrees as well may work well. Set your oven to bake. Use a cookie sheet. Check on your bundle periodically to make certain it is not drying out too much or burning.

If drying naturally make sure and keep an eye out for any mildew or growth. If any mildew or growth occurs, throw your smudge stick away and begin anew.


I like to bless my smudge sticks before use. To bless these with fresh energy I light palo santo and gently waft the smoke around the smudge bundle.

Epona Smudge Bundle:

  • Fragrant fern.
  • Mugwort.
  • Twine.
  • Cherry blossoms.

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Jun 03, 2021
To any editors, set oven to make was supposed to read set oven to bake. I hope this can be corrected.

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