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How I alternatively program pendulums.

Pendulum programming:

Pendulum programming usually involves asking a pendulum to show you a yes and no. At times this needs to be repeated if the pendulum needs to be programmed this way again. You'd ask again for a swing for yes, no, and maybe.

I tend not to work with pendulums this way. My method of programming a pendulum is to the point. "Show me a large swing for a yes, and no visible swing for no." This is done this way because I am a no-nonsense individual with my pendulum.

While dowsing I ask for the direction of the item I am looking for. Then a series of yes and no questions to help try and pinpoint a location.

Pendulum charging for intent:

It is often in my practice where I will charge both rods and pendulums for intent. I've in the past used a rod for seeking out precious stones.

I like to use a mugwort-filled pendulum to point out plants of interest in an area.

I have a quartz pendulum that works wonderfully with divination work.

I have had interesting results with this programming method.

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