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Clairaudience is the ability to have psychic hearing

A lot of people have the potential to use this rare skill, but only some practice it. I will go into a detailed explanation of clairaudience, what it is, and how to use it. ~What it is~ clairaudience /klerdns/ noun the supposed faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible. So in psychic terms, clairaudience is psychic hearing.

A clairaudient person is someone who can hear things that others can't--no, not good hearing. Clairaudience is when you hear things others can't, but those things don't sound distant. They're right there, but nobody hears them except you. Now that's clairaudience.

~So what does a clairaudient hear?~ It depends on the person. I'm somewhat clairaudient, and I occasionally hear frequencies. Others may hear talking, footsteps, ringing, or something else entirely. If you hear different things than other clairaudients, it's probably because your spirit sounds different than theirs. Spirit? Yeah. We'll get to that later.

~How is Clairaudience psychic?~ Well, Clairaudients don't just hear " stuff" , they hear spirits. They don't see them or feel them or smell them or taste them. They hear them. The spirit can understand them, but they don't always understand the spirit. That takes practice. ~

Apart from the obvious, what are common traits of Clairaudients?~ I don't want to stereotype clairaudients. However, there are some common traits that many clairaudients have. They include.

  • Creativity (All psychic are somewhat creative)
  • Musical (Clairaudients have a way with music)
  • Good writers (This one isn't as well known, but Clairaudients have a way with words)
  • Good at giving advice (Like I said, they have a way with words)

How do I improve my clairaudience?~ -Meditate (This helps with any power) -Listen (Every once in a while, just concentrate on listening. What do you hear? Any spirits nearby?)

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