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If you're usually not able to decide if a spell is real or fake, and don't want to waste resources- Read this article~-

First of all, You should know what spell you want to use,

For Example- If you want your crush to like you, Go to love spells, If you want to curse someone or get revenge, Black magic spells.  For protection, White Magic spells but remember. there is no such thing as Dark Or White Magic, Society has created these terms on their own. Some people also refer "Black" and "White" Magic as "Left Or Right and Magic" The so-called "White magic rituals" Are usually done by the Right hand, Whereas  Left for the "Dark" Anyways-

To know if a spell is true or not- 

First figure out if the author has given included from which hand it is needed to be done.

You need to have one specific god-

Remember. nothing In Magic is either evil or good. Magic is always Neutral. -

Some Famous Spell Casters (Famous on this website of course) usually react these spells and comment If its true or not.  Two of them, that I know are Nekoshema And Tadashi- Both from The Coven Divine Essence -

And If you are still in doubt- Check At The bottom of the spell, If the author is well experienced, Then the spell is most likely to be working. -ome people usually (and frequently) comment wether it worked or not.

If you think someone is experienced but just joined this website, Feel free to mail them and ask them. That is technically included in their job, For example some people have been  witches and wizards for a long time but just found this website right? (Im one of them)

And  there you go, that is all the knowledge i have for them- And remember Magic is always Neutral 

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