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How to make a spell that works

1. Choose a clear purpose. You need a spell to be specific. I'm going to use an example. Lindy is a teen witch who specializes in love spells. She is in love with Jack, so she wants to cast a love spell. But she needs a clear purpose. It can't just be a love spell, it has to be a "make your crush love you back spell". Every detail is important, after all.

2. Find materials. Most spells need objects. Lindy now knows the purpose of her spell, but what about the ingredients? Lindy reads about crystals ad herbs online, then decides to use rose quartz and rose.

3. Make a chant. Most spells involve chants/prayers. Lindy decides that she needs to include the water spirit in her chant. There is nobody else Lindy could think of that would help

4. Put it all together. Decide where to put the items and when to say the prayer. Lindy decides to sprinkle rose petals around the rose quartz and say the chant once done sprinkling.

5. Cast the spell!

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