Daily Devotion to the Dead

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A daily ritual for both morning and evening to devote yourself to those in purgatory.

Make the sign of the cross. +

Light incense.

Invocation to God

O King of Kings,

Lord of Lords,

Grant peace within us,

Forgive us and pardon our sins,

Turn over the foes of the church,

Protect us in our time of need,

Emmanuel, Son of God, bless and purify our hearts,

Send our prayers into the heavens,

And watch over the souls in purgatory,

With the aid of your Father and the favor of the Holy Spirit,

Save our souls and carry us towards the sacred bosom of your Mother in heaven,

Forget us not in the hour of our Death,

But lead us towards your tender embrace.


Ring bell.

Light vigil candles.

Eternal Rest Prayer

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Mercy for the Dead

Lord have mercy on us,

Christ have mercy on us,

Mother of God please pray for us,

Jesus receive our prayers,

Lord God, answer our prayers.

O God the Father, maker of Heaven and Earth,

Have mercy on the souls of the faithfully departed.

Light the Father candle.

O God the Son, redeemer of mankind,

Have mercy on the souls of the faithfully departed.

Light the Son candle.

O God the Holy Spirit, dispenser of grace,

Have mercy on the souls of the faithfully departed.

Light the Holy Spirit candle.

Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of purgatory and Heaven, pray for the souls of the faithfully departed.

Light the Virgin Mary candle.

Deliver them O Lord, and sanctify their souls. Lead all to heaven and let that which causes you in great haste to free them from them sorrows happen because of your will and nothing else. That which saved us from our demise, your Son, is what they thirst for and what they wish to be with, O Father, let those who suffer most and also N./ be requested from the remission of their sins and lifted up into heaven as soon as possible and let their souls be as white as snow. Be with them in heaven O lord and have mercy on the faithful departed. Amen.

Put your attention towards the glasses of water.

Thirst for God

O Holy Father,

Your power grants us birth

Your providence guides our lives,

And by your command we return to dust.

But in Jesus we are saved by his blood,

Thus we return to life,

Through him we gain an unquenchable thirst,

One that can only be resolved in heaven,

Inside the heart of Our Lord, your Son.

Grant the souls of the faithfully departed the waters of life,

That which sprouted out of the side of Christ upon his death,

Even if just by a mere drop,

To quench the mighty thirst of the faithfully departed,

Let it ease their suffering and give them a glimpse of eternal life.

Amen. +


A./ Morning Prayer

Almighty and eternal God,

I adore you with all my heart,

By the power of your son we shall live,

I thank you for answering all my prayers and letting me wake up this day,

I worship you because I believe in you,

I love you because you loved me first,

I have faith in you because you fill my spirit,

Forsake me not if I die today and protect me with your entire being,

I offer you all my prayers and works in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the holy sacrifices in all the masses held today,

Also, in thanksgivings for the help of my needs,

in reparation for all my sins,

for the will of God and the wants of the Virgin Mary,

Plus my suffering to aid those who suffer in purgatory.

Grant them eternal happiness and peace forever in heaven.




B./ Evening Prayer

Praise the Almighty God, our Lord!

I thank you for creating me,

For making me Christian,

And preserving me this day,

I ask of you the forgiveness of any sin I made today and pardon me from any evil I have done in front of your eyes,

I am truly sorry for what I have done and seek your refuge as my rock,

Help me to do better tomorrow than I did today,

To seek understanding what I did and how to make up for what I've done.

Examine your conscience.

Into your hands I commend my spirit,

Let those who are in purgatory pass into the gates of heaven,

I pray for their well being and their state of their soul.

Be with them in their time of pain,

And let their cries be heard.

Protect me as I slip into the night,

May our Lord who preserves and protects us from all evil chase away the devil and all that follow him,

Have mercy on us and keep us safe,

Let us travel into our dreams with your protection,

And let all those who suffer in purgatory be granted peace and well being.



Pray the Rosary.


Evening: Memento Mori Daily Exam

Prayer to Our Lord Crucified Jesus

My crucified Lord Jesus,

Incarnate Son of God,

Risen Savior for all of Mankind,

Have mercy and accept me in your arms at the hour of my death,

But before then help me carry my own cross to the place of the skull,

So I can bear my own sins I made you carry the day your Mother wept,

When my knees can no long bend for you,

As after my mouth cant utter a single prayer no more,

Even when I cant see your beloved image no longer,

Be with me and especially at the side of my death,

Truly O God spare me on the day of my demise,

And send me home to where I belong.



Memento Mori Examine.


Closing Prayer

O Lord, Strengthen my heart to serve your will,

Ignite my soul with your sacred flames,

Though there are times when I stumble,

I know you are there to catch me,

Though there are time I doubt,

But you there you are to hold me,

Please lord strengthen my heart and be by side at every hour,

You are my rock and refuge,

The blood that configures my soul,

Have mercy on the souls of purgatory,

And always come when I call you.


Make the sign of the cross. +

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