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Many treat the shadows as if they are evil, but they're not! We should know, since we are born of shadows, all of us!

The shadows are often called evil or bringer of doom, but fortunately, that's not the case. In reality, shadow is just the child of light and darkness, and thus, far powerful than both combined. The shadows, although not as old as light, and definitely not as old as darkness contains strange, mystical powers. Many speak about connecting with the shadows, but we don't HAVE to do that, because we ARE shadow. Shadow is the balance between light and darkness, Destruction, and creation. We are born of shadows. Think about it this way, when you're born. You are created, but thousands of the other sperm cells that were too slow are destroyed. Therefore, voila! Shadow. Everything around us is made of shadow. That wooden chair? A tree fell to create that chair. The device I'm typing this on? Creating harmful radiation that could destroy my body, but it's also helping me create this article. We are born of shadow, but some of us stray from the shadow's path, and that's fine. Some move on to the path of light, others to darkness. Some choose to remain in shadow however, and that's fine as well. All of us have our own paths. However, those who walk light and darkness often make the mistake of leaving shadow behind. With that shadow, hidden gifts and darkest talents leave as well. That's what Shadow Work is about, connecting to your shadow, and accepting even the most ugly parts of yourself are a part of what makes you unique. Shadow Work can go further than this as well however. As a child of light and darkness, shadow has amazing powers that could greatly help any witch in their part. For the hider, the shadows are the greatest allies. The shadows are limitless, expanding to every part of the world, allowing you to shadow walk to any place, or perhaps even any time. The shadows are limitless and powerful. Don't underestimate them.

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