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This is my personal divination system. Please use or discard anything you do not like. The following cards correspond with each other and differ with each other when read by itself among other cards. For When doing a reading try to match up the meanings of the cards with the corresponding match ups and let your intuition guide.

The Suits


The hearts signify good fortune in all of its power. Thus it represents love, happiness, pleasure, joy, laughter, and all that brings good luck.


The clubs signify movement or stagnation. Thus it represents progress, blockages, obstacles, decreasement, and lack of flow, action,  but also everything that needs movement or energy.


The diamonds signify all things of material value. Thus it represents money, finance, business, acquisition of wealth and property, but also everything in the material world.


The spades signify bad fortune in all of its powers. Thus it represents hate, confusion, sorrow, pain, difficulties, obstacles, and all that brings bad luck.

Court Cards


  • King of Hearts: Paternal, protector, stern, wise, giver of advice

  • King of Clubs: Teacher, businessman/owner

  • King of Diamonds: Boss, Banker, business owner, sugar daddy

  • King of Spades: Tyrant, abuser


  • Queen of Hearts: Maternal, loving, caring, compassionate

  • Queen of Clubs: Busy mom, business woman

  • Queen of Diamonds: Gold digger, sugar mama, 

  • Queen of Spades: Gossiper, two-faced, cheater, homewrecker


  • Jack of Hearts: Lover, innocent child

  • Jack of Clubs: Student, apprentice, colleague, artistic, creative

  • Jack of Diamonds: Spoiled brat, rich, entitled, sugar baby

  • Jack of Spades: Thief, cheater, naughty child, enemy, snitch


Ace: New beginnings. Anything is possible because nothing has been set into motion. If you make the right choices, everything will be okay. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to live out your intentions, but stay away from toxic people who show you no love. You get to decide what the future holds for you, so build a bridge of where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Given this new chance in life do not screw things up because each step you take counts as a way forward or backward towards your intention.

Two: Choices. A choice needs to be made. Take a break and think for a moment before making a decision. Which side will benefit you more and what side seems wrong. Sometimes we are blinded by our own passions to make a decision. Think to yourself: Is this the right thing to do? Sometimes the decision that brings us the most pain can be the right answer to your problems. Look deep inside to find the answer you want, sometimes you just gotta breathe and think.

Three: Growth. Whether it's pleasant or heartbreaking, growth is abound. You are building a foundation where you can stand. Are you building it out of seeds of love or seeds of hate. You will reap this foundation so make sure whatever your building will be able to withstand certain blows.

Four: Stability. You are on stable ground right now. You have everything that you need, but now would probably be a good time to look for things you actually desire. Try looking for things you like. Go seek pleasure and fill your heart with the rewards you so happily acquired. Don't go too deep and let your desires outweigh your needs or you could possibly end up on unstable ground.

Five: Instability. There are things that need to be met before venturing to far from ashore. As a ship that leaves port with a missing piece is doomed at sea, so are you who are going about on unstable ground. There could be things well needed to build a foundation before you go out looking for things you want. One must remember a want is different than a need and what you need now is to look for your missing piece(s) before you collapse into the ocean floor.

Six:  Communication. Having a way to communicate with people is ideal in a society. But sometimes we lack that skill and our lines get tangled. Sometimes we just don't have the courage to speak what we want other people to hear. When that happens only one voice is talking in a conversation and only one opinion is peering through. It could quite possibly be true that this card is telling you to speak up more than usual and use your voice. Or perhaps you talk too much and you don’t let anyone have a turn to speak. Those who talk more do less. Gossip and lies can be coming from someone's mouth and you may not even be aware of it. This card may also signify a message or letter of some kind. Anything that is used as a way to communicate is dealt with this card. Whether it be through voice, sign language, letters, or even text messages.

Seven: Reflection. This is a time for reflection. Look back from your progress of where you are today. What led you to where you came from. Don’t lose sight of what's important. Are you here where you wanted to be a couple years ago? Remember when looking back you understand where you were in life and change what you did back then so you are not doomed to repeat it. Have you defeated pass mistakes or have they nudged their way back into you. Strive for success and do not let the past deflate your aspirations.

Eight: Hard work. In order to get something you need to plant the seed first. You must tend to it and give it light and water. This requires hard work and it should get you where you want to go if you do it right. A garden reflects its gardener. If the garden is all messy with trash everywhere then you know you have a bad gardener by your side. Though those who do the hard work to keep and nourish their garden will reflect on how perfect and precise their garden is compared to others. Only those who have worked hard enough will receive these blessings. A crop is fruitless without the hard work of a farmer. If you wish to do something do it persistently and also put some elbow grease in it. The more attention you give it the more it will reflect you and better the outcome

Nine: Rewards. It’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work. Though not all rewards are desirable as others. If you planted bad seeds you should know that you will get a bad crop. If you plant seeds of hate, misery, depression, jealousy, and all that bad stuff, then water it over time. You're only gonna get a taste of displeasure in your mouth. Plant seeds of love, compassion, friendship, and what have you and you will have a better life. What you give out is what you are going to receive. Whether it was a bad or good seed, you should know beforehand what the crop is gonna be like before you water it.

Ten: Endings. Things are coming into conclusion. If you are having a bad time in life this could mean an end to that suffering. Though this isn’t always the case because it could mean the exact opposite; like an end of something good. Endings are not always bad because with every ending there's a new beginning. Though sometimes its hard to let things go and we cling onto what we hold dear because we are afraid of change. Don't be afraid to let things go because it's a part of life and can cause more suffering if you hold onto it for too long. This doesn't always mean the death of a loved one, but it could quite possibly be that. Understanding that endings allows new things to grow and is a part of life and should never be something to be afraid of.

Other Cards

Joker: Something sinister is afoot. Probably a run of bad luck, an evil person or spirit. Possibly a real bad situation

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