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This is my personal divination system. Please use or discard anything you do not like. The following cards correspond with each other and differ with each other when read by itself among other cards. When doing a reading try to match up the meanings of the cards with the corresponding match ups and let your intuition guide you.


The Suits


The hearts signify good fortune in all of its power. Thus it represents our love, happiness, pleasure, joy, laughter, and all that brings good luck.


The clubs signify what drives your actions and mirrors what is important to you at your core being. Thus it represents our determination, inspiration, ambitions, strengths, and weaknesses


The diamonds signify all things of material value. Thus it represents our money, finance, business, careers, acquisition of wealth and property, but also everything in the material world.


The spades signify bad fortune in all of its powers. Thus it represents our hatred, confusion, sorrow, pain, difficulties, obstacles, and all that brings bad luck.


Court Cards


  • King of Hearts: Compassionate, emotionally stable, stern, kind,  wise, giver of advice, protector, loyal, husband, boyfriend, father, fiance, lover, 

  • King of Clubs: A natural-born leader, hard-working, visionary, ambitious, respected, disciplined, well driven, go-getter

  • King of Diamonds: Practical, good with money, generous, prosperous, wealthy, business owner, manager, secured

  • King of Spades: Tyrant, unfairly strict, abuser of power, wicked, evil person


  • Queen of Hearts: Loving, caring, compassionate, emotional, always there to listen to your problems, sensitive, romantic, wife, girlfriend, mother, fiance, lover

  • Queen of Clubs: Courageous, independent, social butterfly, self-determined, ambitious, go with the flow

  • Queen of Diamonds: Domesticated, practical, maternal, caretaker, selfless, humble, nurturing, provider, hospitable

  • Queen of Spades: Gossiper, two-faced, cheater, homewrecker, bitchy, moody, liar, sharped-tongued


  • Jack of Hearts: Innocent, loving, non-judgmental, sweet, childlike, a new baby

  • Jack of Clubs: Eager, impulsive, energetic, inspirational, ambitious, free spirit, indecisive, scatter-brain 

  • Jack of Diamonds: Materialistic, greedy, selfish, spoiled brat, entitled, gets what they want, obsessive

  • Jack of Spades: Thief, naughty child, enemy, snitch, liar, unwanted visitor



Ace: New beginnings. Anything is possible because nothing has been set into motion. If you make the right choices, everything will be okay. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to live out your intentions, but stay away from toxic people who show you no love. You get to decide what the future holds. So build a bridge of where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Given this new chance in life do not screw things up because each step you take counts as a way forward or backward towards your intention.

Two: Choices. A choice needs to be made. Take a break and think for a moment before making a decision. Which side will benefit you more and what side seems wrong. Sometimes we are blinded by our own passions to make a decision. Think to yourself: Is this the right thing to do? Sometimes the decision that brings us the most pain can be the right answer to your problems. Look deep inside to find the answer you want, sometimes you just gotta breathe and think.

Three: Growth. Whether it's pleasant or heartbreaking, growth is abound. Your dealt choices are swelling up higher and higher and you have to deal with what's already set in motion. It's time to own up to your decisions and go with the flow. If this happens to be a good thing, build this foundation with further good choices in the making. This card can also indicate growth of wealth or something of material value. Maybe you're spiritually growing as a person or perhaps you will have increased love in your life. Whatever the meaning,  something is growing either within or outside yourself. 

Four: Stability. You are on stable ground right now. You have everything that you need, but now would probably be a good time to look for things you actually desire. Try looking for things you like. Go seek pleasure and fill your heart with the rewards you so happily acquired. Don't go too deep and let your desires outweigh your needs or you could possibly end up on unstable ground.

Five: Instability. There are things that need to be met before venturing too far from ashore. A ship that leaves port with a missing piece is doomed at sea. There could be an item well needed to build a foundation before you go out looking for what you want. One must remember a want is different than a need and what you need now is to look for your missing piece(s) before you collapse into the ocean floor.

Six:  Communication. Having a way to communicate with people is ideal in a society. But sometimes we lack that skill and our lines get tangled. Sometimes we just don't have the courage to speak what we want other people to hear. When that happens only one voice is talking in a conversation and only one opinion is peering through. It could quite possibly be true that this card is telling you to speak up more than usual and use your voice. Or perhaps you talk too much and you don’t let anyone have a turn to speak. Those who talk more do less. Gossip and lies can be coming from someone's mouth and you may not even be aware of it. This card may also signify a message or letter of some kind. Anything that is used as a way to communicate is dealt with this card. Whether it be through voice, sign language, letters, or even text messages.

Seven: Reflection. This is a time for reflection. Look back at your progress of where you are today. What led you to where you came from. Don’t lose sight of what's important. Are you here where you wanted to be a couple years ago? Remember when looking back you understand where you were in life and change what you did back then so you are not doomed to repeat it. Have you defeated past mistakes or have they nudged their way back into you. Strive for success and do not let the past deflate your aspirations.

Eight: Hard work. In order to get something, you need to plant the seed first. You must tend to it and give it light and water. This requires hard work and it should get you where you want to go if you do it right. A garden reflects its gardener. If the garden is all messy with trash everywhere then you know you have a bad gardener by your side. Though those who do the hard work to keep and nourish their garden will reflect on how perfect and precise their garden is compared to others. Only those who have worked hard enough will receive these blessings. A crop is fruitless without the hard work of a farmer. If you wish to do something, do it persistently and also put some elbow grease in it. The more attention you give it the more it will reflect you and better the outcome.

Nine: Rewards. It’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work. Though not all rewards are desirable as others. If you planted bad seeds you should know that you will get a bad crop. If you plant seeds of hate, misery, depression, jealousy, and all that bad stuff, then water it over time. You're only gonna get a taste of displeasure in your mouth. Plant seeds of love, compassion, friendship, and what have you, and you will have a better life. What you give out is what you are going to receive. Whether it was a bad or good seed, you should know beforehand what the crop is gonna be like before you water it.

Ten: Endings. Things are coming to a conclusion. If you are having a bad time in life this could mean an end to that suffering. Though this isn’t always the case because it could mean the exact opposite; like an end of something good. Endings are not always bad because with every ending there's a new beginning. Though sometimes it’s hard to let things go and we cling onto what we hold dear because we are afraid of change. Don't be afraid to let things go because it's a part of life and can cause more suffering if you hold onto it for too long. This doesn't always mean the death of a loved one, but it could quite possibly be that. Understanding that endings allows new things to grow is a part of life and should never be something to be afraid of.


The Suit of Hearts

Ace: Happiness, celebration, blessings, romance

Two: Partnership, friendship, family, love

Three: Creative opportunities, artistic ambitions, imaginative thinking, aspiring talents

Four: Bliss, joy, contentment, gratitude, harmony, steadfast love

Five: Self-love, taking a break, forgiving others, acceptance

Six: Love letters, truth, flirting, words of inspiration

Seven: Childhood memories, innocence, joy, nostalgia, pleasant contemplations

Eight: Worthwhile hard work, doing what you love, ambitions, joyful collaborations, take advantage of wishful opportunities

Nine: Success in relationships, rewards for treating others kindly, blessing towards helping others, attainment of creative goals

Ten: Good endings, happy ever after, blissful relationships, satisfaction, wish come true

The Suit of Clubs

Ace:  Inspiration, new opportunities, growth, potential

Two: Future planning, progress, decisions, discovery, learning

Three: Progress, expansion, open roads, growing ambitions

Four: Gaining goals, milestones, personal celebration

Five: Competition, delay, tension, avoidance

Six: Debates, instructions, speeches, injunctions

Seven: Resilience, courage, determination, independence

Eight: Perseverance, challenges, exhaustion, procrastination, overwhelmed

Nine: Success, attainment, accomplishment, rewards

Ten: Burden, extra responsibility, hard work, completion

The Suit of Diamonds

Ace: New careers, manifestation, prosperity, abundance

Two: Teamwork, collaboration, prioritization, working with colleagues

Three: Prosperity, abundance, growing wealth and things of material value

Four: Financially stable, well secured, money growth, prosperous

Five: Financial loss, obstacles, challenges, poverty, money problems

Six: Business deals, sales, discounts, debt, rent, property, messages

Seven: Financial transactions, debt, saving money, investments

Eight: Careers, job-hunting, earning money, repetitive task, mastery, skills, development

Nine: Rewards, abundance, prosperity, luxury, business success, career accomplishments, self-sufficiency

Ten: Long term success, financial security, wealth, secured, self-secured, good investments

The Suit of Spades

Ace: Sorrow, misery, heartache, suffering, despair

Two: Separation, arguments, disagreements, hate

Three: Misery, heartache, bad luck, anguishment

Four: Too much of a good thing, indulgence, excessiveness, obsession

Five: Unstable, frustrated, anger, feeding bad habits, anxious

Six: Gossip, lies, sharp words, opinionated, break up text, talking too much

Seven: Trauma, bad memories, haunting past, refusing to look back, bad habits, repeated mistakes

Eight: Planting seeds of hate, taunting, belittling, pestering, tormenting, provoking, ridiculing, harassing

Nine: Karma, getting what’s deserved, reaping what you sow, payback, revenge

Ten: Death, sorrow, misery, heartache, suffering, despair


Combination Cards

Two Aces: Strange news quick and speedy, often good luck; two black, a bad sign; two red a good sign

Two Twos: Both black, a departure; both red, an arrival

Two Threes: Two black, disappointment and tears; two red, pleasant and profitable visitors and friends 

Two Fours: Two black, separation or unfriendly meetings; two red, good appointment, or good luck

Two Fives: Two black, danger from injury; two red, joyful and unexpected news

Two Sixes: Two red, a good friend; two black, a nasty deceitful person or a great danger, possibly an accident

Two Sevens: Something good , yet surprising, two red; two black, great and immense sorrow 

Two Eights: An odd coincidence, two black, a bad experience; two red a wonderful experience

Two Nines: A removal of something, two black, negative; two red positive

Two Tens: A life lesson, two black, a lesson not learned; two red, a lesson well learned

Two Kings: A good male friend

Two Queens: A good female friend

Two Jacks: A partnership or friendship


Three Aces: Great good luck

Three Twos: A loyal friend

Three threes: Harm caused by malicious tongues

Three Fours: Strangers and visitors come to your house

Three Fives: A delightful and happy meeting

Three Sixes: A collision of opposing sides

Three Sevens: Loss of friendship or property

Three eights: Longing dream that most often unattainable, often wishes and desires that wish to be fulfilled

Three Nines: Be careful of your choices

Three Tens: A rise of social life, sometimes pleasant, but depends if the reading has very bad cards

Three Kings: A celebration of a good thing

Three Queens: Quarrels, disputes, backbiting

Three Jacks: A lawsuit or something treacherous 


Four Aces: A rise in something great or worrisome, four blacks, something bad; four reds something good

Four Twos: Visitors; four black, disagreeable; four red, pleasant and sometimes sex

Four Threes: Period of wealth and prosperity

Four Fives: Travel and voyage; four blacks a rocky start, four reds a safe return

Four Sixes: A great surprise or change; four black, vexations; four red, good and beneficial

Four Sevens: Change of heart; four blacks, a friendship or family member, four reds, a lover

Four Eights: An appointment of some kind, four blacks, mourning; two reds, a wedding

Four Nines: A choice needs to be made; two black, sever the connection, two red preserve it

Four Tens: Choosing your fate; two black, best decision is the hard road, two red best decision is the easy one

Four Kings: Great good luck, unexpected advancement, good and unlocked for fortune

Four Queens: Seek your pleasures and amusements

Four Jacks: A friendly gathering


Other Combos

Joker, Ace of Hearts, Jack of Hearts: Unexpected blessing, unforeseen love, out of the blue kindness, unpredictable mercy

Joker, Ace of Clubs, Jack of Clubs: Test of patience or faith, challenge, temptation, inner conflict

Joker, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds: Financial warning, loss of a career, poor investments, shattered abundance

Joker, Ace of Spades, Jack of Spades: The devil is at foot, evil spirits, witchcraft, curses, bad luck, evil

King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Hearts: Happy family, pregnancy, peaceful home, engagement

King of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, Jack of Clubs: Life calling, destiny, fulfillment, journey, finding oneself

King of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds: Inheritance, a large sum of money, a big raise, self-sufficiency

King of Spades, Queen of Spades, Jack of Spades: Death, murder, suicide, a threat, crime, stolen treasure



How to Read the Cards

While reading the cards you should not only use this guideline but also your intuition. Unlike tarot, there are no pictures to tell you a story. It will depend on the meanings within these cards and how you will interpret them will be off of your own inner wisdom.

Red and Black Pips

Generally, more red pips than black pips indicate a more positive overall answer. While more black pips and fewer red pips show a negative answer. Thus if you are doing a reading about the future and it seems bleak, but has more red cards than black, rest assured this will not end on a bad note. But if it has more black cards than red, it could indicate misfortune.

Positive and Odd Pips

When reading the cards it's good to pay attention to the numbers of the pips. The overall number of the cards shows what kind of energy the cards hold. For example, if you add up all the numbers and it's an even number, it represents flowing, flexible, and moving energy. Even numbers are always fluid and are able to change. But odd numbers signify more solid or even stagnant energy. This could mean a blockage or some sort of obstacle. Thus, if one were to combine the overall number, it should tell you what the energy of the reading is.

How to Read Combos

Combinations are read by both their numbers and colors. When reading the cards you may find a pair or a couple of cards sharing the same number. This could signify a deeper meaning within the cards and could be read as such. Pairs of twos and fours are only read if you see combinations of the same color. Depending on the color it will share the different answers. Pairs of threes are the opposite and are always read with a mixture between the two colors red and black. It does matter if the pairs are shown side by side or separated within the reading. All that matters is if you see combinations or pairs of the same number within the card spread. The other card combinations are specified in detail and only appear if needed.

How to Read Jokers

When you get a joker in your spread this can often lead to some kind of omen. Take precautions and watch where you may step. Hidden danger could be leaking into your life or perhaps some ominous and surprising could happen. Be wary with your steps and make good decisions. This could be a warning of some kind or something amazing.


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Sep 25, 2021
The Lenormand are similar, yet in this system clubs represent more misfortune and many spades are seen to be lucky cards. I will favorite this article. Nice work.

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