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The Full Moon on May 7th with be the 3rd Super Moon of 2020 and the last of the year. Learn what this means and how a Full Moon can enhance your magical abilities.

Magic and a Super Moon - They go together like Bert and Ernie, like macaroni and cheese, like Nutella and well pretty much anything.

What is a Super Moon?

As the Moon orbits the Earth it does so in a slightly squished circle, which means sometimes the Moon is closer to Earth than normal. When the Moon is closer it is obviously larger. When the Full Moon occurs when the Moon is closer to Earth, that is called a Super Moon.

Magic and a Full Moon

Many people believe that casting a magic spell during a full Moon will increase the powers of the spell.

Furthermore, moonlight is commonly believed to have a charging and enhancing effect on magical items. A common way to "charge" an item it to place it outside on a clear night and let the starlight (and Moonlight) shine on the object and charge it with magical energy.

During a full Moon there is a lot more light than other phases and thus the charging effect is at its highest.

Nature and the Full Moon

Magic is often closely ties to nature and the way of the Universe. The Moon has been dominating the night sky for the entire evolution of all life on Earth and so it is of no surprise that nature has evolved to include the Moon.

Here is another good article about the Full Moon and how it effects nature

Choosing a spell to cast

If this is your first, or one of the first spells you have cast, selecting a rather simple spell if your best choice. Here are some suggestions based on what you may be looking for:

Love Spell

Money Spell

Protection Spell

When to Cast

The full Moon will happen around the 7th. Anytime within a day or 2 of the actual full Moon will have the greatest power when the full Moon is visible in the sky.

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