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"Of marriage." A surname of Hera, Gamelia's themes are luck, health, prosperity, and new beginnings. Like most of the major gods, Hera was given characteristics to reflect patronage in a certain area or field. Hera's symbols being two-sided items (representing the Old and New). Representing the lucky aspect of Hera, that promotes fortune, especially in love.

  • Hera Gamelia - Hera of Marriage
  • Hera Heniokhe - Hera of the Chariot
  • Hera Antheia - Hera of the Flowers
  • Hera Hyperkheireia - Hera, Whose Hand is Above
  • Hera Nympheuomene - Hera the Betrothed
  • Hera Chera - Hera the Widowed
  • Hera Basileia - Hera the Queen
  • Hera Boopis - Hera the Cow-Eyed

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