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Phases and meanings/correspondences for each lunar phase.

Moon Phases:

Full Moon

The point in which we can see the entire side of the moon. Many include the day before, day of and day after as the full moon.

  • Spells related to increasing intuitive awareness.
  • Healing magic.
  • Rituals that connect you with your deity.
  • Any magic related to developing magical skills/abilities.

Waning Moon

The period in which the moon goes from full to dark again. Lasts approximately 2 weeks. Used to do baneful magic that which sends away, gets rid of or destroys things you no longer wish to be burdened by.

  • Magic to eliminate negative people or toxic relationships from your life.
  • Workings to end relationship or job.
  • Banishing bad/negative or harmful habits.
  • Any magic related to reducing things such as debt, illness, etc.

New Moon

Very faint crescent during this phase.

  • Cleansing and purifying body/mind.
  • Designate sacred space.
  • Any magic related to inner peace.

Waxing Moon

Period in which moon goes from dark to full. Takes approx. 14 days to happen. Used to perform positive magic magic that increases things or draws them to you.

  • Money or prosperity spell.
  • Bringing love into life.
  • Any magic related to increasing material items.

Typical Order of Moon Phases:

Starts with the New Moon (Dark Moon)

Waxing Crescent small part of right side is lit.

First Quarter right half is lit, left half is dark.

Waxing Gibbous almost all of moon is lit, small portion of left side is dark.

Full Moon entire moon is lit.

Waning Gibbous almost all of moon is lit, small portion of right side is dark.

Third Quarter left half is lit, right is dark.

Waning Crescent small part of left side is lit.

New Moon completely dark, cycle repeats.

The Void of Course

The moon is moving rom one zodiac sign to another and creates a temporary energy absence. This may cause spells or any energy workings to not work or be less efficient. If you're not using the moons energy, you should be okay.

Days of the week and the spells that can be worked on each given day along with colors associated for that day.

Monday : The Moon. Colors: White, Silver, Grey and Pearl. Monday is best for emotionally based spell work such as attracting confidence and intuition, protection spells, clairvoyance, peace, dreams and astral projection.

Tuesday: Mars. colors: Red, Pink and Orange. Tuesday is good for casting spells that inspire passion and energy such as a spell to boost confidence, protection, energy, gardening and new beginnings.

Wednesday : Mercury. Colors: Purple, Magenta and Silver. Wednesday is good for communication spells, truth spells, and granting of information.

Thursday : Jupiter. Colors: Blue and Metallic Colors. Thursday is good for money spells, luck, success, business, gambling, education, and self-improvement.

Friday: Venus. Colors: Green, Pink and White. Friday is good for matters of the heart. Friday is good for love spells, friendship, marriage, fertility, luck, herbal magick, dating, and relationship success.

Saturday: Saturn. Colors: Black, Grey, Red and White. Saturday is good for binding spells, patience, real estate, divorce, and financing.

Sunday : Sun. Colors: Yellow, Gold and Orange. Sunday is good for truth spells, law, totem animal and divination.

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