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A beautiful ritual for the new moon

Dance around circle, chanting the names of the Goddess.


Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna

Chant as often as you like. Then kneel before the altar and say:

Dark is the night as we reach this turning point.

Here is a time of death; yet a time of birth.

Endings and beginnings

Ebbing and flowing

A journey done; a journey yet to start.

I honor now the crone-mother darksome and divine.

I give of my strength and in return see rebirth.

Arms raised, say:

BEHOLD, the Lady of Darkness; Mother, Grand mother. Old, yet ever young.

I honor and love you now and always. As the wheel turns we see birth, death and rebirth. I know from this that every ending is a beginning; every stop a fresh starting point.

Maiden, Mother, Crone... you are all of these and more.

Whenever I have need of anything, I can call upon you and your Lord, for you abide within me.

Even at the darkest of times, when there seems no single spark to warm me and the night seems blackest of all, You are here watching over me, in strength and in love.

You are She who is at the beginning and the ending of all time.

Blessed Be

Have cakes and wine and give thanks. Close ritual.

Dark Moon Ritual

The dark moon is a good time to do protective magick and to banish things from your life.

Supplies you will need: two black candles, cauldron, paper and pen.

Place the cauldron in the center of the altar and put the paper and pen beside it. Cast the circle in a counter clockwise way. when it is cast, return to the altar and face the North. Light the black candles. Say:

The moon is dark. She hides her face from humans. Only women can know the true secrets of the Dark Mother. Wise one, let me feel Your presence and power. I need Your wisdom of releasing and removing. If punishment be needed by those who work against me, I leave it within your hands.

Move counterclockwise to the East and say:

Remove all negatives from my thoughts and mind, Dark Mother. Let them bear no fruit within my life.

Go to the North and say:

Remove all negatives from my body, Dark Mother. Let them bear no fruit in my life.

Go to the West and say:

Remove all negatives from my emotions, Dark Mother. Let them bear no fruit in my life.

Go to the South and say:

Remove all negatives from my spiritual life, Dark Mother. Let them bear no fruit in my life.

Return to the altar and stand facing North. Say :

I accept no negative thoughts, words, or deeds from others. They are destroyed by the powers of the Dark Mother. If these negatives come from within myself, turn them into lessons of good. Help me to become balanced, a true Goddess-daughter/son of light and wisdom.

Face the altar now. Write down on the paper negative things you wished removed from your life (negative thoughts about yourself, bad habits, negative influences of people.) Read each one out loud to the Dark Mother to release them to Her. Light the paper from one of the black candles and drop it into the cauldron and watch it burn. Say:

I release these unto Your keeping. Show me how to move beyond these negatives into a position of light and power.

Burn the paper until it is reduced to ashes. Raise your arms in reverence to the Goddess when the paper is finished and say:

Dark Mother, Crone Goddess, Wise and Elder One, teach me Your deep mysteries, the Ancient Goddess magick known to my foremothers and fathers. Guide and protect me, Dark Mother.

Now would be a good time to meditate and see what insight you may receive from the Mother. Or do a spell of some sort. When finished, release the circle as usual. Bury the ashes of the paper somewhere off of your property.

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