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A personal theory on spell casting and the universe. Intent+Energy+Vector=Spell

Spells are created and practiced in a wide range of ways across cultures, however most spells at there most basic level can be classified as actions, and thus must follow the rules of actions. For humans to carry out actions, they must have an intent, energy, and a vector. In the seemingly simple act of raising one's hand, one must have a desire to raise their hand, the chemical energy in their cells to raise their hand, and the various material components necessary for the action.

Intent is the simplest and most important of the three components, for without it there would be chaos. A human body in which energy runs independently of intent can behave in several undesired ways such as a seizure. In any magical workings, it is important that intent be strong and unwavering. Luckily strong desire comes easily to the human species for wealth and other forms of prosperity; the desire may be, and often is misguided. This is known as greed, a destructive trait to be wary of.

Energy permeates the universe and is of incredible importance to humanity, yet not completely understood. if all thermal energy were to be removed from a biological entity, not only would life functions terminate, but all movement on the molecular level would cease as the temperature of the body plunges to absolute zero. Raising energy is an essential element in spell work, as it allows for actions to take place. The energy used in spells has several names and methods of production or being. Three common types are prana chi and mana.

A vector is necessary for getting something from point A to B. Many substances and objects can act as vectors. For example energy can travel as a pressure wave through the air to influence objects, or energy can act on an object or between objects more directly. Similar effects are produced by auric projection, a technique to produce an omnidirectional energy field, while the use of a familiar allows for a much greater range and more direct transfer of energy. In some beliefs spiritual beings use humans as vectors to spread their influence over the physical world because they cannot affect it directly.

It is evident that a spell or action will likely contain an intent, energy, and a vector. If any of these three essential components are missing from a spell its effectiveness is doubtful. If one desires to write a spell they will likely include ingredients and instructions representative of the basic action; in the act of writing the spell they will intend to write the spell, use energy to write the spell, and use the internet or other mediums as a vector to spread the spell.

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