A Simple Way to Thank the Goddess and Make a Shrine for Her

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A way to thank and enshrine the Goddess

As a practicer of Magick one must always thank those who help them. I am not relying on the Rich One or the Goat-headed One. In this article I will demonstrate how to make a shrine to any Goddess.

To do to a shrine to a nature element or to The Mother Goddess, one should find a lovely crevice in the trees or a ditch in the water or a little place where fires will not leave any harm. One should leave offerings at the start and, whenever possible, flowers or ashes or ice slabs or another element based offering. Do not just do this when you ask for wishes or help but rather to thank the Goddess and to request a helpful aiding for a wish.

After placing a symbol of the Goddess one may come weekly or monthly to visit the Goddess shrine. Afterwards one ought to pray to her and also to be happy momentarily. The bigger the request the more sizable the compensation to her must be. If one is going to take a sacrifice one ought to wear a bracelet colored to match said element or topic of the sacrifice. Sacrifices can be refusing to eat meat for a week or stopleaving the altar for a year!

Importantly one ought never joke about Magick to the Goddess or anyone in general. Card tricks are not Magick and this could get you killed. This kind of altar desecration is not within the boundaries of our spirit. If one may not reach the altar one ought still pray by looking at the altar or looking at a photo of the altar or imagining the altar. Please be responsible with your Magick. Blessed Be!

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