Wind or Air Meditation(RainLinard)

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A meditation to feel the air and to understand inner power.

A meditation means to concentrate and focus in one thing while keeping yourself calm(I believe).

Before starting this meditation steps please read one of my article Blank meditation. Do the blank meditation for 5 minute before doing this new mediation.

Humans are special because of their understanding, knowledge, and conscience. This specialty removes many limits of humans. Understanding nature, the theories behind it helps a human to extend their control and use over that nature. As long as we understand we can control and use them. 'That you can sense, feel, and understand you can control it', it is something I believe.

In this meditation, first we have to understand what and how we will do it. We will feel air, not the air you feel under a fan or air conditioner. It is pure and we will only feel air.

We will feel with our special sense ability that we almost never use it.

First wind or air is everywhere around us. We feel it normally under a fan or cooler but without a fan or cooler we don't feel much air. But we will learn to do that as well.

  1. First let us calm down and do the Blank meditation and boost our concentration. Then stop the fan and all other cooling machines. Then while breathing normally, we have to 'give our mind will' to feel the air.
  2. 'Give our mind will' means creating a desire to do something. One could say like wishing. but do not imagine. Imagination and will is not same.
  3. So will or wish that your entire body skin is feeling the air.
  4. Do not ask questions or think anything in your head about it. just will and wish. And try to 'hold it'.
  5. 'Hold it' means that 'will or wish' should always be in your mind. Do not let it go. Do not think anything else. Keep the 'will or wish' feeling in your mind always. Over time you will understand the meaning of 'hold it'.
  6. After a minute or so you will feel slight cold air sensation in your skin. Some might feel little hot at first but keep the will of feeling firmly, do not falter or lose concentration, you will slowly feel the cold calm air.
  7. After feeling the air do not stop. keep it up for as long as you can. Then you will start to feel more air. You will feel amazed at yourself after it. This air is pure.
  8. After the meditation don't jump. Calmly breath and slowly stretch your body parts and stand.
  9. Before feeling the air , please do not stop trying. Practicing will make it easy. Then you will be able feel air while walking or doing some work by just 'willing to feel the air'.

I tried to highlight the parts that is very important for doing the meditation. Please do it without any coolers and fans. The air is enough cool for your body.

Please mail me if anyone have any questions.

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