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Name: RainLinard
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Last Seen: Tue, 02 Jul 2019
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Hello, I am Rain Linard. Pleased to meet you all. I am a Simple person with a lot of curiosity. Ask me if you want to learn something from me. I have learned magic and some element things from a Master. Thus they are what I am good at. I want to teach people to gain more experience and further increase my knowledge. The things I want to teach, Fire manipulation Air manipulation Water manipulation There are many website's where such subjects are included and many teach these incorrectly (they can't even do it themselves). But what I am going teach you all will be correct and proper. Please endure and strive to gain something far from your expectations. Something I believe, Do not hurt others for your purpose, whether it be good or evil. Fulfill your purpose in a way that you can be proud of yourself.