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This article is about Shinto witchcraft.

Days of the week: Wu Xing correspondences

  • Monday, Getsuyobi, "Getsu" means Moon, the element of water.
  • Tuesday, Kayobi, "Ka" means fire, the element of fire.
  • Wednesday, Suiyobi, "Sui" means water, the element of water.
  • Thursday, Mokuyobi, "moku" means wood, the element of wood.
  • Friday, Ginyobi, "Gin" means metal, the element of metal.
  • Saturday. Doyobi, "Do" means earth, the element of earth.
  • Sunday, Nichiyobi, "nichi' means Sun, the element of fire.

Animal spirits in Shinto Witchcraft

  • Foxes, tricksters, messengers of Inari.
  • White snake, the messenger of Benzaiten, water god (Suijin).
  • Manekineko, wealth and prosperity.
  • Sacred Cow, the messenger of Tenjinsama, the god of scholars.
  • Monkey, kami of family blessings in the home.
  • Dragon, Suijin (Water Gods), kami of rain and snow.
  • Koma-inu, shrine protectors.
  • Eto, the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.


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