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This article goes on about a personal practice of mine that I use to practice magic, divination, sorcery, and necromancy. This personal practice stems from Asian traditions of China and Japan's occultism, shamanism, and spiritual alchemy as well as herb magick.

(The following definitions only apply to my personal practice.)

Practices in Shinto Eclectic Solitary Path

  • Magic, the use of spiritual items such as wands, athames, talismans, and petitions along with an incantation to conjure or manifest an embodiment or spiritual being to complete a task or intent.
  • Divination, the use of magick to gain visions or intuition from spirits conjured or summoned to the practitioner.
  • Sorcery, the practice of conjuring spirits to complete tasks or intents
  • Necromancy, the use of conjuring familiars to summon spirits of the dead for magick or divination
  • Shamanism, the belief of being able to contact the spirit world through trance. As well as the practice of being a spirit medium in magick and divination especially shamanic healing.
  • Alchemy, the use of the Wu Xing (five spiritual elements) of the occult in a way of transformation of energy, events, or a spell.
  • Herb magick, the use of herbs in magick to be used as vessels of power to complete intent.
  • Candle magick: The use of white-colored scentless candles (some scents upset the spirits) through magick to summon deities to complete ritualistic intent.
  • Kitchen witchery: the use of herb magick in food to purify the astral bodies and cause spiritual enchantments
  • Fox employment (KItsune-tsukai): the conjuration of fox spirits as servitors or familiars to complete an intent.


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