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A long but very powerful healing ritual. It's a huge bonus if your deity of choice is Aphrodite!

This ritual has 4 parts in it...this is high magic but it's very effective

You will need:

Part 1:
6 Red candles ( Candles dedicated to the goddess as an offering of your love for her),
3 Light blue candles (Candles to attract healing energy from the universe),
3 Brown candles (Offering to mother earth to thank her for the fruits of nature),
An Apple tree tall enough to stand under,
Needle or an athame, that has to be sharp enough to prick your finger.

Part 2:
A whole apple,
Apple tree twigs,
Red thread.

Part 3:
A vase,
White cloth,
Red pen.

The ritual:


Find an Apple tree tall enough to stand under and put the candles around it forming a circle.
Everyone sits down around the tree in front of the candles.
Each person that is a part of the ritual brings at least one candle.
There can be more then what is enlisted above, but you need at least
6 red,
3 brown,
and 3 light blue candles.

Everyone lights their own candles when the time comes.
Cast your circle and chant this:

"Dear goddess Aphrodite
we call on you to welcome you in our space.
Join us and help us with our ritual as we pray to you,
to bring forth health and rid us of illness."

Light the red candles and chant:
"We dedicate these candles to you,
to show you our love for you and our gratitude."

Light the brown candles and chant:
"We dedicate these candles to show you, our mother earth, gratitude for the fruits of nature"

Light the Light blue candles and chant:
"We light these candles to call the healing energy to us,
may it surround the sick among us and heal their illness"

Everyone stands up in respect for the spirits that are present in the ritual, the gods, and the Apple tree.
Everyone pricks their fingers and puts their hands on the tree, offering your blood as a token of gratitude to the tree for offering its twigs.
As you are holding your hands on the tree giving your blood to the tree, everyone chants this:

"Oh Apple tree we give you a part of us and we ask of you,
Are we allowed to take a part of you, to help us in our magical work,
to heal the sick among us?
May the wind let us know your will!"

If the wind blows hard the answer is no...if there is no wind or if the wind is a small breeze the answer is yes!

If the answer is no, you must NOT continue the ritual next to that tree.
Search for an Apple tree until you get a permission to perform the ritual under, or come again the next day and ask again.

In case the answer is no, don't just walk away. Thank the tree, spirits, and the gods that are present, for coming there and being there.

If the answer is yes, continue with the ritual like this:

Forage enough twigs from the tree so everyone can make their own little stick doll.
Don't get greedy, forge just enough to make the smallest one you can make!


Don't forget to bring everything needed to cook a tea right there under the tree...the simpler it is, the better!
Make a stick doll from the red thread and the twigs, while you are making a tea out of the whole apple.
When the tea is ready and has cooled enough to put your fingers in, chant this while sprinkling the tea on the stick dolls:

"This apple has given us the tea of health, love and youth,
that the goddess Aphrodite blessed it with!
We take that power from it with gratitude,
and we give it to the sick among us."


Pour the rest of the tea in a vase.
Everyone digs a hole with their hands near the tree and puts their stick doll in it.
Then everyone draws a pentacle on their own cloths with the red pen and covers the stick doll.
After you buried the stick doll that represents you being cleansed of negativity and illness by the mother earth, you pour the tea over it all.


You all thank The Spirits, gods and the tree for their gifts to you and for being there by taking a bow in respect and gratitude.
You say goodbye and close the circle, walking away finishing the ritual full of belief and confidence in the ritual.
Of course all you leave behind is the buried stick dolls...don't leave a mess and disrespect mother nature!!!

By Brim

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