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The following article talks about how and what magick is and is used for in the Shinto prospect.


An animistic, shamanic, and nature deity drove religion that has been around since ancient Japan. There are several types of Shintoism, the one I will be discussing is known as a Minzoku Shinto or Folk Shinto. Minzoku Shinto incorporates private beliefs, folk religion, and the prospect of mythology surrounding Shinto kami (Spirits, Gods, etc). The practices of a Minzoku Shinto practitioner or which are revolved around Shamanism.

Now, what is Japanese shamanism? The Japanese shamanism that consists of time has always been the use of divination, magick, and sorcery through the use of spirit possession or invocation. Evocation was not really used or known, because of the culture of China and Japan.

Spirit possession occurred through divinations by mediums and sorcerers such as Onmyouji, Shaman, and Priests as well as priestesses. This method of divination was conducted through trance work and automatic writing or and visions. The spirits responsible for this aid in magick were called tsukimono. In English"Tsuki" means possession and "mono" means thing. tsukimono are beings of the astral and or spiritual realm that take the form of animals and are used as familiar spirits as well as be conjured by a practitioner. One famous animal the tsukimono took the form of was the Red fox of Japan. This being was not called a fox spirit or considered a Kitsune or Kyubi. Those creatures are beings of folklore and nothing more. Therefore they are connected and similar to the tsukimono fox.

Magick was not taken lightly in certain areas of Japan. For example, the Japanese witch hunts in folklore depicting evil Kijo attacking citizens and being supposable slain by a samurai. As well as being ostracized for having or practicing spirit possession with a tsukimono. The ostracization mainly as I have studied affected woman and their capability to be married. In the modern era, this is not so and not a problem to occur.

Magick was practiced through the use of spirit possession and charms as well as talismanic rituals. How this was done by the witch or practitioner employing their familiar through the use of spells to possess the talismans to activate their powers. Rituals were done in more elaborate ways. Such as drawing circle, chanting, and invocation of aspects by a medium.

Sorcery or black magick was used with the spirit possession of people, families, and lay of the land as well as other ways too. Tsukimono again is animal spirits like the western familiar spirit but could possess objects, animals, and people. They were, the tsukimono and medium, could through a magick ritual cause misfortune throughout a home, family, or even an area.

That's it for this lecture I hope this was helpful or enjoyable please feel free to comment.

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