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This article is to teach and educate the basic and complex use of spirit talismans in onmyoudou. The article will be talking about the creation of the talisman/ the written symbolism.

First of all, what are spirit talismans? Are they only ofuda, Fu, and omamori? Spirit talismans are not only from the Asian occult or perspective. They are slips of paper, physical gestures, stones, amulets, and magical items or odds and ends from all ages of life. These items are used to create, control, and influence ki, qi, or even in the western occult energies. These talismans are able to conjure and command spiritual forces to the extent of its programming which is prescribed in written symbolism. Spirit talismans I consider can also be written physical petitions inscribed with the name and conjuration (action of the spirit) on its purpose.

How do you make a Spirit talisman? I will only be discussing the use of paper talismans, therefore, they are the only kind I have experience enough with to teach about. To make a paper talisman tear it into a square or tag shape. (The paper I use is friendly to the ink of all kinds and is the color white for all-purpose occult) Then empower the paper with your spirit or energy by tracing a pentacle or in Onmyoudou a Gobosei (same as a pentacle) onto the center of your talisman paper while visualizing energy from your heart chakra entering the center of your pentacle or Gobosei.

What Ink do you use on the newly charged talisman? The ink colors used on a paper talisman in my experience are red and or black. The color black is for all-purpose occult matters, the red represents the increased power or fire to give of energy.

What is Kotodama, and why do you write it on a paper talisman? Kotodama at least in my practice is the use of a list of words, a word, or a name or names in order to command spirits (conjure). Kotodama can range from looking like Glyphs, sigils, words, letters, or even characters they represent a list of words or names. The reason You write Kotodama onto a talisman is to conduct the spirit energy or spiritual beings to aid you in your practice.

Do the colors of the kotodmama I use in either red or black ink matter? I would recommend using red ink if you would like to represent the kotodama of the spirit, deity, or ancestor to empower them or give them energy. I would not use red for the commands or beseechments because it will overwork the spirit,ancestor, or deity.

How do Incorporate the Wu Xing into this working or talisman? You may incorporate the Wu Xing when using Elemental spirits of the Asian origin, such as the Kirin or wood spirit. You may also use the aspects of the elements such as the cardinal directions, the sea for water, forest for wood, the sun for fire and so on. You can do this by adding the kotodama or name of the elements instead of a God, Demon, Deity, or ancestor. I would not recommend using elements and the use of spiritual beings do to the disrespect of how much you are asking for from the celestial plane.

What Rituals do I perform after the talisman is created? After the talisman is drawn invoke the forces written into the talisman charging the being with intent. Paper spirit talismans are somewhat alive in a spiritual way meaning the have a semi-intelligent and can get blockages and ills. To keep you talisman safe place it on your altar or in a sacred space.

That is all for this lesson on Onmyodu, hope you enjoyed if Yow want to know examples of talismans You may have luck studying images of hand drawn Fu gtalismans and studying their symbolism.


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Oct 09, 2020
where can i find more info on this?

Apr 05, 2023
Does this work on metal talismans???

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