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Debunking Myths

People have been confused by many things when it comes to Magick. They often think the exact opposite of what it is and criticizes it. So I'm going to debunk the most common myths.

Myth 1: Magick is Satan's Magick No, it isn't Satan's Magick. Personally, Satan's Magick is where people use Magick in the name of Satan. Generally, Magick isn't Satan's Magick.

Myth 2: Magick is evil Technically, Magick isn't evil. The only way I would classify it as evil if the person who is doing Magick is them using it to harm others. Magick itself is not evil until someone makes it.

Myth 3: Black Magick is evil Like the last one, Magick is only evil if someone uses it for harm. Black Magick is Magick against someone will (not the casters). For example, let's say you are a high school student who has a crush on someone and you cast a love spell on them to make them love you. Now, if they were in a relationship, this would definitely harm someone, which I don't approve of but if they are single and they don't have a crush on anyone then it's fine if you cast a love spell to get to at least the first date.

Myth 4 (the last myth): Magick is dangerous Ok, I know Magick can be dangerous but let me explain. So Magick is not dangerous only if.... 1. You aren't allergic to any of the spells ingredients 2. You take the proper precautions before casting a spell 3. If you aren't harming anyone or anything (What you do comes back to you). As long as you covered these things your fine. It's ok to believe these myths, it really is. Just don't criticize them for it.

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