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In this lesson, we shall be discussing the extremely important tools, the optional but recommended-to-have tools and the must-have-at-all-times ingredients.

In potion-making, tools are an essential part of the process. It is better to make sure you have at least all of the essential tools and essential materials, in order to continue studying potions and being able to create them yourselves.

I. Extremely important tools:

1. Mortar and Pestle - I personally prefer a grinder, it is way easier, but I also have a mortar and a pestle. I do not recommend wooden ones, as it can be more difficult to wash them. And after washing them, you need to let the wooden ones dry, otherwise, the wood can get rotten. A stone mortar and pestle are way more practical.

2.Glass Jars - for storage. 10 are enough to start, but in time you are going to need more.

3.Candles in various colours - also good for all sorts of magic, not just potion making

4.Crystals - polished ones, not raw ones (there are potions who actually require raw ones, but these are occasional items and not that used)

5.Compass - some potions require pointing to certain cardinals

6.Measuring Tools (described in lesson number 2)

II. Optional Tools:

1. Cauldron - representing the womb of the goddess, it is an absolutely essential item for brewing certain potions. It should be kept safe and used on a stove. It could also be replaced by a cooking dish, a bigger kettle, but the ones you use should be solely for potion making. + a big spoon for steering

2. Potion "Book of Shadows" - a book just like your regular book of shadows where you would be able to gather all sorts of potions and recipes and write your experience while brewing. Most of the potions I have, I have from my grandmother's personally written books, so this knowledge can be quite helpful when teaching others as well.

3. Athame - a ritualistic knife used for chanting and higher magic potions

4. Bolline - a knife used for crafting other materials

5. Broom - a magical tool used for protection; it is a tradition to sweep the area where you are creating the potion, in order to banish negative energies.

6. Blessing Bowl - a bowl where one puts the ingredients of a potion in order to ask for blessings

7. Special Clothing for Potion-Making - a cloak or something to make it feel more festive; it helps in bringing a special state of mind and better focus

8. Wand - a very good instrument in order to focus your energy during a chant

III. Must-haves:

1. Moon Water:

- leave fresh water in a jar in the moonlight overnight

- each moon phase has a specific power over water; in case a potion does not require a specific type of moon water, any type works just fine (the crescent moon water is usually used to bring some type of energy, the descendant type to banish, full moon water for healing and higher magic, in general)

- the moon water must not interact with sunlight, otherwise, it becomes regular water

2. Sunwater:

- leave water for a few hours in the sparkling light of the sun

- sun water cannot be stored, it loses its properties very quickly

3. Black salt:

- salt mixed with charcoal, steered widdershins

- used in banishing and certain hexes

4. Moon Salt:

- same principle as moon water

- used for protection and healing

5. Honey, Cinnamon & Regular Salt

- plenty of potions require these 3 ingredients, best to have them around at all times, as they are one of the most used adjuvants, and sometimes even used as active ingredients

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