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Explanation of the aura and its colors.

For many years I have heard of the Aura and have never received a clear and consistent understanding of what that is. I recently had the good fortune to read the book The Complete Book of Amulets, Charms and Talismans by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler. In the section of the book on Colors, Numbers, and Letters the best explanation of auras I have found is contained. I have rewritten it here.

?It has been scientifically proven that brain tissue emit visible color radiations, as well as infrared radiations, radiations of ultraviolet rays, and radiations beyond the ultraviolet range. The visible color radiations emitted by the brain form the faint color shroud that envelopes the human body, and which is known as the human ?aura?. Not everyone can see the aura but its existence has been tested and proven in laboratories. The Russians, who are very active in this type of research, call the aura our ?bioplasmic body?.

The human aura is believed to be made of the thoughts and emotions of an individual. We have already said that the brain emits colors; these colors are therefore the visible manifestations of human thought and feeling.

The seven colors of the spectrum are also known as the Seven Rays, and have been known to magicians for thousands of years. They compose one of the Kabbalistic color scales and are the visual representations of the seven planets of the ancients.

Occult scholars believe that the spectrum is an epitome of the evolution of the universe. Each of the Seven Rays is a manifestation of seven cosmic periods. The first three periods, corresponding to the red, orange, and yellow rays, have passed. We are now in the fourth or green-ray period, midway between the first periods of struggle and primative development and the higher periods of soul growth and spiritual attainment.

The colors of a person?s aura reveal his talents, habits and general characteristics. Each color or ray has a special characteristic which it imparts to everything connected with it. These characteristics are as follows:

Violet ? Spirituality

Indigo - Intuition

Blue ? Religious Inspiration

Green ? Harmony and Sympathy

Yellow - Intellect

Orange - Energy

Red ? Life*

(*S. G. J. Ousley, Colour Meditations, London 1949)? There is a more in depth discussion of the meanings of colors and the sub groups of colors. From here the author goes on to discuss how to use color in magic.

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