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This will be quite lengthy so sit back and get ready to take it all in! Do not attempt unless you are ready!

Hello, I am Goddess Amber and this will be my first post in this Coven. I know everyone of you will benefit from this article and trust me, you need to know what the All has revealed to me.

Let's start with the basics.

The Mind is the most important tool for Magick. Without our Mind, our consciousness, our imagination, who would yield the forces of the Universe? Now, knowing this, we can agree that our minds are powerful. I can prove this with sharing some exercises.

1. First exercise: Lay down or relax comfortably somewhere quiet. We will be traveling back in time. This exercise is great for regrets, trauma, or wanting to change your identity.

Try to remember your first memories, good or bad and change it to something different that you wish could have happened instead. Visualize the new memory you came up with, believe it truly happened within your heart and discard the old memory. This is a technique I came up with on my own to heal my trauma's. It truly works and is instant if done right. Belief is crucial and yes it is the truth. You cannot have any doubts about it. That's why I put extra input on discarding your old memory for good. Once finished, you should feel better than you've ever felt and should definitely feel different. Once a memory is changed, your identity will slightly change with it, so be very cautious about what you want to change.

2. Lie down again; I always lie down when I do most of my work. Close your eyes and breathe smoothly and deeply. Relax completely. Now, bring your awareness to your ears and listen. You will start to hear ringing. I call this the sound of energy, the sound of God. The more you listen, the louder it will get and you will eventually start to hear other things. This develops your spiritual hearing. Now, turn off the light and lay down again, but this time open your eyes. At first you may not see nothing but Darkness but the more you do this, you will start to see the energy. It will appear as millions of white lights racing around in the air, but eventually, you will see their color as well. Not only that, but you will also be able to see spirits made up of this energy. This is spiritual sight. This is the best way to open the third eye. You can do the other senses the same way. With your eyes opened or closed, whatever is most comfortable for you.

These are my very own techniques that I have been using since I was a child. I would never steal anyone else's knowledge to claim it as my own. These two techniques are my gifts to you and are %100 real. I advise caution and to take things slow and to really think before making a decision. Especially on changing your past.

So, why is this so important? Because I know why we're here and what our mission is, but most of the world doesn't remember. Most of the world is in blindness to the truth and you can blame Ego for that. The Ego keeps us from freedom and I will tell you what that freedom is and what it costs.

It is out of great love that I share the most important and truthful information you will ever come across. You will never see anyone else reveal this to you. But God has revealed it to me because God is in me.

The Secret that the Ego doesn't want you to know has been right in front of you this whole time. God, the I Am, is your consciousness. Your mind is the throne. Your body a temporary temple. Your Spirit a everlasting temple. When you meditate, feel the energy and become one with it. Mind, body, and spirit. Let go of everything and give yourself up to it. Be in the presence of your true self. This is how you will know yourself. This is why meditation is the first thing in Magick that is needed. You need to learn and connect with the energy and work on yourself before you can start with working in the physical realm.

Once this is completed, you are Enlightened and death is just an illusion to you. You will no longer fear it for it is the Ego that fears it. Your Ego will die and you will understand that you are already immortal. Oh death where is your sting!

Now, I actually am a Christian and it took me lots of research into other areas of religious and spiritual practices to get to this point. It took a lot of willpower to connect to the truth and the Awakenings happened instantly and would not stop. I was thrown into many levels of consciousness to understand everything.

It can be very confusing down this path and very few ever get to this point but it is crucial. Especially to save the world today. I am giving all this information freely, because to those who seek the truth, it can be very confusing and hard to find when lies from the Ego are everywhere. I hope you find this information useful and since this is a huge spiritual breakthrough, I advise to do this when you are ready.

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