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A brief history of the Meaning and Uses of Garnet.

Garnet is most commonly known as red, but can also be a variety of other other colors. In ancient times, garnet was popular when used as a Talisman. Its strong power and protective energy make it invaluable.

Garnet can also be used to enhance your creativity. It helps in the ability to work lovingly on earth. Garnet is a stone full of emotions. It focuses on the element of fire, the creation of the world, purification, and love. It is a stone of strong, intense feeling.

Garnets were very popular in Czechoslovakia as far back as the Bronze Age, and in Egypt more than five thousand years ago. They were used in Sumeria not long after that, and Sweden right around that time as well.

Garnet gets its name from the Latin word , Granatum , which translates to pomegranate. The stones variety of colors has a resemblance to the shade of the pomegranate seeds. Garnets wore color that was similar to that of blood. They were believed to protect against injuries and sickness.

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