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This is a method to help you shift into another creature. Disclaimer: I did not write this method.

Time needs to be any time a day, although the evening is better as your body is somewhat sleepy and it is easier to relax. Lie down, floor, bed, doesn't matter. Do not sit, unless you are a pro at p-shifting for 30 seconds, if you sit you will black out and fall. It is preferred to have a little bit of light, not too much and not fully dark. This will help you see any changes that you do shift. One you are lying down and closed your eyes, relax yourself by breathing. You do not have to focus on anything. Inhale, exhale, slowly, breathe, roll your eyes in your head, look backwards with your eyes closed, look into your skull. This will cause some weird effects, dizziness, might black out. Keep taking deep breaths. If possible, raise your energy. Once you did that, just move your energy. From your middle to you head, toes, back in the middle. Like a repeating cycle. It will cause a tingly and vibrating feeling. Raise your vibrations once more. You might have some short pains. You will feel your toes and fingers curve eventually, you may feel your hair grow. Do not panic if you see and feel your bones move, it is natural. Think of your real form. Don't overthink though, just look at you real form, and feel the energy mass around you change. You will fall into yourself, you will feel the sounds blacking out, as if you are dying or falling in the darkness. It is normal. It feels great. You are still here. It is just your body changing and you are a soul that is waiting to be renewed in a new body You might black out, or fall asleep. You might not. But most likely you will stop from exhaustion. It is not going to work that fast. Your body is not capable of too many changes at a time. You might stop as I said, a full shift is near impossible the first time. Just focus on small shifts, like a hand or eyes. Yes, you might have some small shifts after it. Eye color change, bones look curved, new abilities, you can become double joined, you might have hair growing, and yes, by that I also mean your voice might change too.

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