Regrow a Rose from a bouquet

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These are just key points to consider while doing the whole process. It might sound silly, but if you understand this and try to attempt this in your own way it will work.

For this technique, one must deeply understand the plant.

If you want to regrow a rose from a bouquet but it has already been 2-3 days, it might have dried a bit and you might feel like the chances of saving its life is less. In this condition apply your magick to the first 4 points i mention below.

  • The plant dried up as it lost a lot of things it had like water and nutrients so it should be given first [ use your own way for this- develop your own way and that's how you learn ]
  • Then we have to keep giving it what it was supposed to be getting while it was a part of the plant. ie, water, mineral nutrition etc.[ use your magickal way ]
  • Check whether all their organs have restarted to function normally. PS: you can also enhance those organ's functions, efficiency and all. By organs, I mean respiratory,photosynthetic and transporting systems.
  • Make sure everything is working well inside the plant. Also check for external surface damages too. Heal them if any are present. ( It would've been good if you could somehow communicate with the plant so that it could let you know about the damages and its feelings.)


If you have done this far successfully using your own ways of magick, you've done 80% work.  When I say use your own way, it kind of means find your own way. It'll be unique and everlasting. Rest of the step don't require magick but do require some attention, care and love.

  • Dip the plant in rooting hormone to develop roots ( you can also use natural homemade rooting hormones.
  • Once roots develops, confidently plant it in a pot of soil and take good care of it!  


If this whole thing might sound unacceptable and funny because it doesn't have any spells or casting circles in it. They are all shortcuts. If you have a bright knowledge on plants and can manipulate energy and matter, that's all that is needed. Everyone thinks differently and so the way each person creates will be unique and everlasting like I said. If this seems stupid, feel free to ignore it. Feel free to DM me about anything here.

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