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by SeaHag

Do you know what a Construct is? 
A Construct is a thing which we can create they are seen as Spiritual Servitors.some people call them Egregores or Elementaries depending on how you create them and such.

They are made for any purpose really. You can make them extremely smart or just plain Dumb. They can be fast or slow. They can look however you wish

When you create a Construct you must remember to make a time limit for them to exist. After you have the time limited meet the energies will return to where they came from.

If you do not make a time for it to return ands end its programed existence. The Construct can create it own mind and in some cases going out of control.

Especially if you forget it or leave it somewhere.

A construct at very most times will act like what you create it. My first construct was a Butterfly. She acted like one. If you create a tiger construct they will have similar traits of a Tiger.

If you create a construct to do something make sure you give it the ability to do such. Such as using a construct to protect you or someone. Give the construct for protection use Claws, Teeth and etc.

You can even use scientific Fiction to create a construct if you wish.

Steps On Making a Construct

The number one thing first is to plan out what you are going to do.

When planning out what you are going to do. Make sure you know why you are creating the construct. Think of how it will look. Write everything down.

While creating the construct you can list out everything you want it to be or look.

So while you are about to make your first construct meditate get your self relaxed and focused on what you are about to do.

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